Thursday, 17 November 2016

The ins and outs of life at Number 9

Monday IN and OUT was just for a walk, coming back via Aldi.

Tuesday morning OUT to visit A and Florence. Because A is having to take antibiotics she has gone onto formula milk which Florence isn't keen on. She never did get the hang of breast feeding as she always fell asleep after 2 minutes! Florence that is not A! Although A is well known for falling asleep on a 5 minute car journey! I had big cuddles with Florence while A and grandad Col took the dog OUT for a walk.

And IN again for lunch.

Tuesday afternoon OUT to hospital where Col had the 100-days-after-stem-cell-transplant bone marrow sampling - Ouch - he had gas and air. This is how they test if there is any mantle cell lymphoma or what percentage is left. Blood test too, platelets are the same as last week - bother, but at least not down.

And IN again for dinner.

The XL moon was IN and OUT behind clouds but I zoomed IN and caught this. I think a day too late for the full moon.

Wednesday was IN and OUT....................of the car.
On the way to Colin's sisters we called IN at the Needham Market Wednesday boot sale .........4 books for Col £1- very unusual for him to find anything

 and 3 packets of biscuits £1 . We've returned the wheelchair to sister and hope it will be many years before we need it again - if ever.
Then we stop/started up the A140 - volume of traffic? accident?roadworks? we shall never know as we turned off via Mendlesham to call IN on my sister. Coffee with them and then to Col's Dads to pick up some money from Col's brother as I bought my own Christmas present, wrapped it up and delivered it there so all Andrew needs to do is write on the label! He thinks it's an excellent way to do his Christmas shopping! (BTW the present I bought myself was a small tapestry frame and tapestry of poppies to do - both from the Sense charity shop. But don't tell me as it's a secret!!)

And IN again via Asda for diesel still £1.10/L there but £1.17/L everywhere else.

Found half the washing had come off the line and dragged on the ground so it had to go IN the washing machine again before it could go back OUT on the line.

I didn't go OUT anymore because tennis was on TV but Col went OUT for a walk, although the Andy Murray match was very looooooonnnnnggggg so I could have gone OUT because the score was still only 2 : 2 in the first set when Col got IN again.

OUT this morning for Col to be measured for his wedding waistcoat.......only 3 weeks now - exciting.
Then IN to town for a bit of shopping and mainly to get Col a new battery for his watch. £14!!!!! In a No spend month! But no choice really. Spent £6 of my Grape Tree vouchers for some savoury bits for us for Christmas as the hampers are sorted. Two more  Christmas gifts also sorted.
Col is OUT again later to hospital for a full body CT scan, not sure why really but we presume to check the chemo hasn't affected any vital organs or maybe to look for possible blood clots.
I don't need to go with him so I can stay IN. Good! all this IN and OUT is making me dizzy!

 Aldi, Asda and greengrocers- fruit, veg, eggs,bread, store cupboard stuff £11
Christmas gifts £10
Diesel £34
Col's books £1
Watch battery £14 (much too much , what happened to wind up watches?)

The  Annoyingly Not so low/no spend November £439.50 + £70 = £509.50ish
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