Friday, 4 November 2016

1,000 and counting

Drum roll please........this is post number 1,000.
Who knew that I'd still be blogging after 3½ years. So many things have changed, life is completely different and not by choice and changing again next year.
I hope that I've charted the ups and downs without regrets or too much moaning.

 Many people have been reading from the very beginning - Thank you all  for your encouragement and support.

 Anyway, enough of all that, where have I/we been out and about to so far this week?

 1.Into the town centre to put the Ziffit cheques into my building society and pay a bill. I was foiled at The Grape Tree shop as they've stopped their loyalty card scheme but the lady said if I sent off my card which has 9 stamps on they will send me a £9 voucher. So not completely wasted.
Went in Poundland and got some more items for the 3 hampers. Looked at the all their various fairy lights and Christmas decoration stuff but didn't buy any. Not something I buy every year like so many people do. I don't feel the need for a different colour scheme/theme. It's all a matter of contentment - I have no need to search for a new look!
2. Walking - especially Colin who is now up to 1.5 miles with no stopping and sitting down. I've kept him company on some walks and feel better for it.
3. His weekly trip to hospital for a blood test. Now he's fit again I don't need to go with him to drop him off at the door before driving round and round for a parking space. Platelets still not climbing as they should be D**n!
4.As I'd decided to use the Wyevale voucher for Christmas presents, we thought we might as well go while they were having their "Christmas Event" afternoon and get free mulled wine and mincepie and 10% off some things too. Not impressed by their Christmas decorations just camels and glittery reindeer.
Thought these were just plain awful!

  But the non-alcholic version of spiced drink was delicious and a bottle was 'bought' for us.
  Presents for Col's brother and Dad sorted. Big Tick off the list and all without spending any proper money so not included in the November spend.

"No" Spend November. Dried fruit and nuts for cakes for Christmas gifts + biscuits etc for hampers £16. Dark chocolate bars for Col £2.
Running total £284.

Back Soonish with 1001 ( and I defy anyone my age to say 1001 without starting to sing the cleaning carpet ad!)


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