Monday, 28 November 2016

Visiting our Grandson

We popped down to Surrey for the weekend to see our eldest, son in law and of course baby Jacob, 6 months old now - how did that happen?
Poor little man, red eyes and snuffly nose - a horrible cold
Our visit coincided with him having a grotty cough and cold, poor little fella, he's not keen on having his nose wiped that's for sure. I'm puzzling how we used to give Calpol on a spoon to poorly small people as now there is a clever syringe and even that's not easy when baby spits it all out!

We walked through the woodland to the village because there was a Christmas bazaar happening and I found this little cross stitch kit  for 50p on the Scout stall and won biscuits and buns on the WI tombola. My favourite sort of tombola - when every number wins a prize!

We ate the buns with a cuppa when we got back to H's house and I gave our neighbour the biscuits as a thank you for feeding the cat.

The car gave a strange hiccup followed by a puff of black exhaust smoke on the M25 not far into our journey home and I had awful visions of being broken down on the side of a motorway, but luckily there were no other symptoms and we got back without anything else happening.

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  1. Glad you made it back safely! The cross stitch kit looks really cute - very seasonable. Grandson looks adorable - lovely blue eyes.

  2. Cute cross stitch kit.

    Poor little one, I hope Jacob feels better very soon.

    Glad there was only one hiccup and you made it safely home.

    God bless.

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  3. Poor little Jacob. I hate it when babies get colds. Marlowe has had one for what seems like forever. It just seems to start clearing up and then back it comes. Horrible thing.
    Glad you got home safely. I have only been on the M25 once in my life but it's not the kind of place you want to be broken down-x-

  4. Ye gads I remember my sister being ill with colds and upset stomachs. Snuffles all the way.

  5. I used to administer calpol to my children the same way I used to administer medication to my cat, with the help of a thick towel and a firm grip.

  6. Where does the time go indeed? Hasn't Jacob got the most gorgeous 'baby blues' ~ I don' think I've seen such intensely coloured eyes.

  7. Gosh that six months went by quickly, poor little thing with his first cold already :-(

    Yes there are lots of nifty new little 'inventions' to make life a little bit easier for parents of babies these days aren't there. The one that I'm always amazed by is the buses that lower themselves down at the front so you can just wheel the baby on still in it's buggy. We used to have to take the baby out of the pushchair fold it up, and carry the pushchair, the baby AND any shopping bags onto the bus, and somehow try and pay the driver whilst doing all of this.

  8. Beautiful boy and coming on a treat. Lovely that you were able to go further afield now that Col is feeling better. We have towed our caravan on the M25 but fortunately early Sunday morning on our way to Abbey Wood caravan site. Won't be long now til the wedding and hopefully you will all be together then. Catriona

  9. Nice to hear that Col is feeling energetic enough to get out and about. You must be so relieved. Lovely little grandson - and as usual a few bargains for you to bring home.

  10. Time is flying by, he does look heavy eyed!

  11. How lovely to see little Jacob. I hope he's feeling much better. Glad you made it home safely. X

  12. Jacob is adorable! Those big, blue eyes could melt an iceberg. So glad to hear you were able to visit.

  13. Aww bless him. Coughs and colds are no fun especially in little ones. He's adorable and I love his big baby blues. xx