Tuesday, 29 November 2016

I think we are allowed to swear..............

..........................but there would be no point.

We could jump up and down, stamp our feet and yell that it isn't fair...........but there would be no point in that either.

Because, Col's mantle-cell lymphoma hasn't gone , instead it's coming back. The results of the bone marrow sample taken a couple of weeks ago were not clear of it, the CT scan showed the spleen is enlarged.
We should have known really from the fact that the platelet count wasn't rising.

So after the shock we are straight onto plan B. A new, specially applied for and very expensive (another heart-felt thanks for having an NHS!) medication, new as in it's only been available for 2 years, but has shown good results. Then another stem cell transplant, this time from a donor and luckily one of Col's siblings is a match. This treatment will be based mainly at Addenbrookes in Cambridge so I envisage lots more traveling, but not quite in the way we had planned.  :-/

The tablets start immediately, and  have a mile long list of side effects so we have no idea how he will be feeling in a few days or even a few weeks time. Next week we meet with the specialist nurse for more information about time scales as we were almost too shocked to take in all that the doctor told us yesterday afternoon.

On a much more cheerful subject, this morning we've been over to see our beautiful granddaughter Florence, 7 weeks old today. Our youngest told us the best time to come to see her awake and we managed to make her smile several times. It will be lovely to see both grandchildren together at our son's wedding next month.

Back soon


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