Monday, 14 November 2016

A few more days into November

We walked round to a table top sale at the Baptist Chapel on Saturday morning and even though I said "it's low spend/no spend month" Col decided we would have coffee and cake. I couldn't argue could I? Then he saw a stair-gate with all its fittings for £5, bargained it down to £4 and got that ready for the cottage. By the time we move in and the Surrey family come to visit Jacob will be crawling so we'll need the stairs fenced off.

It was a very sporty weekend......... as in on TV................not actual doing! Lots of rugby - both league and union, snooker, tennis, not everyone's cup of tea but each to his own. Then there was Strictly........gangnam style?.............. nuf said!

Here are the things I'm Not buying/making for Christmas this year.
 A Wreath for the front door or for graves; Christmas crackers; A big Christmas pudding; Christmas PJs; Christmas bedlinen; Christmas presents for pets; New decorations; Tacky blow up Santas for outside; Huge model Santa a la Asda *shudder*;Giant lights for the roof or anywhere else; Christmas tablecloth; Christmas plates; Christmas cushions; Christmas Jumper; Christmas socks; Christmas Hair do; Christmas Make up; Christmas jewelry; e cards; Advent calendar; Large tub or small box of Quality street, Roses  Etc; Extravagant useless gifts; Cheap useless gifts; Giant turkey that won't fit in oven; 6 weeks worth of food to last 3 days; Round-robin boasting letter;

Most of these I don't do anyway and many of them I didn't know existed until I saw them on blogs.
 I'm saving our money for trees to plant at the cottage.

Busy week ahead, back in a while

Low/No Spend November
Christmas gifts, fruit and milk,eggs and veg etc from Asda, Aldi and the greengrocers £21.50
Pharmacy £7
Stair-gate £4
Coffee and cakes £3
Total £404 + £32.50 = £439.50 ish


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