Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No Spend November...........Well sort of

I'm doing my No Spend November challenge again this year. Last year it was because we had no produce to sell out the front on the stall and Colin was too poorly to work for other people - although at the time we didn't know what was wrong with him. So we started to live on savings and the income we had earned during the year from the campsite, selling eggs and produce and the car boot and yard sales.
This year we actually have more income than last year as we have the Employment Support Allowance of £109 a week until 31st December and a £10 Christmas bonus - WOW! But with the move approaching we will need as many pennies saved as possible

My idea of no spend isn't NO spend but rather limiting spending to paying bills, feeding us and the cat, diesel and Christmas stuff (because if I left present shopping until December it would throw me into a panic). Other than that I shouldn't open my purse.....that's the plan.To keep on track I shall list everything here for the world and his wife to ponder over!

I've also been thinking of ways to buy some presents without money......sounds good doesn't it.
I've got some Wyevale garden vouchers which I didn't use here - I could save them to use at the cottage,but the only things we will need are fruit trees etc and they are ridiculously expensive at Wyevale. so I could go  and see what I can find for pressies. Then if I spend £10 at The Grape Tree on dried fruit I will fill my savings card and that will make £10 to use for presents - chocs etc. The Morrisons saver card has provided me with a £5 voucher after yesterday main November shop - that will buy another present. Then we have about £25 left in the Pay Pal account after selling last years wedding clothes on eBay.....More presents.
 I need to make some more food gifts for the hampers for sisters and brothers in law. Cranberry chutney will be next and then mini Dundee cakes and I came across an idea for altering the tins of the cheats lemon Mamade by adding a tin of grapefruit to make it more interesting.
The makings for a different marmalade

  Therefore.......spent so far..............Direct Debits - Council Tax, 3 months Water and Sewer + Mobile phone + Charity = £200ish, Morrisons November main shop £66 (including Cats £12, things for making items for Christmas hampers and Christmas food gifts £10)

Total £266

On a completely different subject.............we were watching the lunchtime news on Tuesday when they were talking about the government putting more money into the fight against cyber-crime. The reporter said we are used to hearing about computer and phone hacking  but what about your kettle being hacked? I thought I'd heard wrong......kettle?? how on earth?. Of course I'm way out of date and apparently your kettle can be linked to your phone so you can switch it on so it's hot when you walk in the door. Good grief, whatever next. Just makes me want to run away to the woods and heat my kettle on a campfire!

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