Sunday, 27 November 2016

Some books have been borrowed and read

Came home from the library last week with these that I'd reserved online.

Thankfully the weather was eventually good enough for us to walk to the library,  as I was down to my last library book although I've always got a goodly amount of TBR of my own.
Also brought home a letter about more cuts needed to library funding to balance the books. We just hope they don't feel the need to start charging for reservations or, now we are moving back to the country, cut out mobile libraries completely.

I've not done any book reviews lately but this is what's been read in the last couple of weeks.

Marlene C Miller - Called to be Amish [Non Fiction 2015]. One of my own books.
Then 4 library books
Christopher St John Sprigg - Death of An Airman [British Library Crime Classics 2016 (originally 1934)]                         
George Bellairs - Death of a Busybody [British Library Crime Classics 2016 (originally published 1943)]
  Michael Foley - Ready for Anything, Essex at War [Non Fiction 2006]
Freeman Wills Crofts - Mystery in the Channel [British library Crime Classic 2016 originally 1931]

Also now read the book on the top of the library book pile - Thread of Evidence by Bernard Knight. Like the BLCC this is also crime fiction re-published from a while back. Between 1998 and 2010 Bernard Knight wrote a series of historical crime set in Exeter during the 12th Century and then  a trilogy set in the 1950's. Rather oddly the series  of 7 (Thread of Evidence is the 2nd)set in Wales written in the 1960's are not mentioned at all on Fantastic Fiction, I wonder if he wanted to keep quiet about them as they are not as well written as he more recent titles!

Yes, I do seem to read a lot of crime fiction. Why? Probably because they always have a proper ending which you don't always get with an ordinary fiction and they rarely reduce me to a blubbering wreck! And of course authors who write crime tend to write several.

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