Friday, 1 July 2016

Into July with a courgette recipe and other notes from the diary

We used to grow 8 - 12  courgette plants to have enough to sell, and for us to eat plus some to leave for marrows. We never had a problem with too many courgettes -  they just went in a bag and out on the stall and chickens love them anyway. This year, with just 2 plants growing well and nowhere to sell them, I'm starting to understand the meaning of a courgette glut.
Here's a recipe I found to use a few, torn from a Tesco magazine a while ago. A sort-of quiche but more interesting. Puff pastry rolled to an oblong and scored around the edges, a mix of ricotta, Grana Padano(I had no idea what that was so just used cheddar, now I know it's a type of Parmesan), a beaten egg and basil (Col doesn't like basil  so I used plenty of black pepper instead), spread over the centre of the pastry, courgettes thinly sliced and laid on top, 180 degrees C fan oven for 25 minutes, then pine nuts sprinkled on and another 5 minutes

I used half the recipe, because I didn't think it would be good cold, and it was very tasty.

Our eldest emailed this, 4 week old Jacob looking shocked or surprised at something!

While searching for something on t'internet I found this, how true!
Sally, a reader of this blog has very kindly sent me some Angela Thirkell books so I have even more reasons to be happy.
Thank you Sally, much appreciated

Not a lot else happening, much tennis watching, stitching- a pretty chart to fit in a bookmark (needs ironing first).

I'm thinking about doing a classic sampler from the book  picked up for£1 at the Needham Market bootsale on Wednesday, but can't work on linen or anything smaller than 14hpi so not sure if it would look OK
and I don't have anything to stretch it on to stitch (well, only a giant tapestry frame which would be much too big) at the moment.

I batch baked 6 pastry cases and used one for a lemon meringue pie with a bargain reduced pack picked up from the Co-op ( Greens twin pack 40p!)

And now we are in July and I shall post this quickly because for some techy reason that I don't understand, the pictures and words keeping jumping about and disappearing whenever the cursor passes over them

Which makes it almost impossible to change spelling or put in punctuation, and is very annoying. If it does it next time I try and write a post I shall scream!

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