Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Bad Influence

I've been meaning to bike to Morrisons ever since we moved here. It's downhill almost all the way which, sadly, means it's uphill almost all the way home!

But when you cycle or walk you find footpaths that give you a short cut, like this one above that I discovered. The path cuts off a corner taking me straight into the Morrisons car park.

Then I spotted these and because Sadie at Life in the English Rain had them on her blog the other day I was "forced" to purchase! She's such a bad influence! :-)
and who knew I was so easily tempted into buying doughnuts?
(£1 wasn't wasted as they are very delicious.)

Doughnut buying wasn't really my reason for cycling to Morrisons! I went mainly because they had Polly's cat food on special offer - Not so exciting.

I've loved the two weeks of Wimbledon and brilliant to have so many people from Scotland/Great Britain winning. Well done Andy M, Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett for wheelchair doubles then Gordon Reid went out and won the first ever wheelchair singles too.  Jordanne Whiley was one half of the ladies wheelchair doubles winners and Heather Watson was half of the Mixed Doubles winners duo, even though they had never played together before this championship. A very good two weeks all round.

Welcome to Gisela from NZ, who has a brand new blog called Life at Barkalot Farm.

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