Saturday, 16 July 2016

Make Do and Mend

What's your sewing box like?

Mine is a very old Mothercare baby box, found in a charity shop many, many years ago.

I had a small wooden cantilever sewing box before this, but it soon got full and untidy, so this is a much better idea.

 I've never made many clothes from scratch but I've always mended.
Several weeks ago someone mentioned their button-box, mine is a very old tin, bought from a scout jumble sale a long time ago, then some buttons were added from my late mum's button tin and some have been cut off old clothes that we've had. It's very full and rarely opened, buttons don't seem to feature much in the clothes we wear nowadays.
 I've got so many different colours of sewing thread and very few bought new, most have been found in car boot sales along with other odds and ends like the Woolworths Garter Elastic in the zip lock bag!
I've used the darning mushroom for darning socks too, back in the days when Col wore thick woolly  socks for work in winter.
Now the old hand-made quilt has been repaired, it needs a wash, but it's too big for a normal washing machine, I shall have to track down a launderette in Ipswich somewhere.

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