Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A favourite post from long ago in a different world! (and other stuff)

 Actually not that long ago but definitely a different lifestyle

 I was fiddling about on the Stats page recently, and discovered this  post has been looked at nearly 2000 times. I wondered what it was, and found again just how busy we were in the summer on the smallholding and campsite.
Missing it ...................................... just a bit, but mainly the raspberries!

[You can see it here]

We've not heard much about the new owners of the smallholding and campsite, no one locally (our old neighbours) has seen anything of them. We know they've moved the roadside stall to the campsite gateway and don't seem to be selling very much. But we heard today that they have put the campsite prices up so much that some of our regulars can't afford to go there anymore, what a shame.

In Aldi the other day I noticed they will have school uniforms in tomorrow. Poor children haven't even finished term for the summer holidays and the shops are wanting them, or their mums to plan for September. Flicking through the leaflet  I discovered a new word - skort - a skirt with hidden shorts. They would have been better for  P.E than we what we had to wear at Stowmarket Grammar School back in the 60's............Thick maroon knickers!!

Thank you for all the comments about doughnuts on the last post, I doubt the walk back pushing my bike up hill made up for the calories in the doughnuts, good job they are not a regular thing on my shopping list!

Whoops, I've forgotten to welcome Rosemary to the followers pictures, she has a blog called Where Five Valleys Meet, including some lovely photos, and I'm not sure if I've said hello to Jomum and Anne who are also new to following- I think.

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