Saturday, 9 July 2016

It maybe a while...............

......................before our grandchildren are tall enough for something we bought today.

For several weeks we've been seeing this big poster on the way to hospital
So this morning we popped round to have a look
Wow, talk about community effort. In just 2 roads every 3rd or 4th house was joining in with this fundraiser, selling their unwanted stuff and also raising money for the local Hospice.
It was crowded with people and cars, (hope a fire engine or ambulance didn't need to get through!)
We came home with 2 things, although I could have filled a whole cupboard with children's toys of all sorts.... but managed to resist.
The first thing we bought was this wooden height measuring thingy for £3.50, it screws to the wall....... yes I know Jacob is only 6 weeks old but now we will be ready for him (and the one due October) growing!  I can just picture future grandchildren rushing in to see if they've grown since last time they visited.

Underneath is the other thing I bought -  a king-size quilted throw. I got one off ebay several months ago and have had it over the settee but it's a hand made one and  now needs repairs and cleaning, and we have no proper covers on the settee underneath as they "died" a long time ago! Now I can mend and organise the cleaning. The 'new' one is very huge and very heavy and the colours are right too, I could have bought a new one from a dozen places for much the same as I paid here - £40 - but prefer not to buy from shops if I can avoid it, this way the money goes into the community and not into some big company.

Here is the latest photo of Jacob our eldest has put on facebook!......... I can't see any resemblance at all!

Poor little fella!

And finally, can anyone tell me who had a recipe on their blog,( possibly on a link to an old post) for marrow/lemon curd. I've tried googling but can only find recipes without eggs and I'm sure the one I saw on a blog had eggs in for a better flavour and set.

Thanks for comments last time

Back very soon
( edited in to say that some people are unable to see photo of Jacob copied here from facebook in which our daughter has compared him to a photo of Yoda from Star Wars!, which is why I said poor little fella )


  1. I love the quilt. Cant see the photo for whatever reason. But I'm sure he's beautiful.

  2. I love these community events bringing everyone together for a good cause, :-)

  3. Nice finds. I adore quilts too. Nope the facebook didn't come through. They usually don't. Sigh! I don't go to yard sales much. I have too much stuff already and need to downsize myself. Tote it off myself soon to a charity shop. Happy weekend!

  4. There's a recipe here [I have yet to try it myselftho] weekend blessings xx

  5. To Becky and Frugal in Essex, Very weird about the face book photo, does it depend on what device is being used for viewing? Col looked at my blog via Frugal in Essex blog and could see the photo OK. I wonder if I can copy it to something else first

  6. Marrow curd? Not sure about that at all!!!

  7. FB picture was probably shared to family - not public (which is what I would do with a child's picture)?

  8. I wondered whether garage sales were allowed in the UK since most of the talk is about car boot sales. Here in America, community garage sales are very popular - and dangerous to my pocketbook. Both of your finds are lovely.

    1. We have very few garage sales, usually they are in villages. Our friends in Essex live in a village that has one every year and there was also one in a village on the Suffolk coast last Sunday. I think car boot sales are easier to organise. Just hire a field regularly every Sunday and wait for sellers and buyers to turn up. Charge sellers anything up to £8, organise a few people to look after parking and it's sorted and the overall organiser makes a lot of money!

  9. hm. lemon and marrow curd. that sounds ..... unusual! Curious to know how it turns out.

    Well, never in all my born days have I seen a garage sale! Good for them though, raising money for charity and having a good clear out to boot.

    You are right to get the measuring thing early, kids grow like weeds, it won't be long before you are using it!
    Have a gorgeous Sunday, lovely lady x

  10. I made some Marrow Lemoncurd on my blog but it didn't have eggs. It set perfectly and I was surprised that the flavour was exactly the same as traditional Lemoncurd. It was delicious.

  11. What a good idea to raise money for charity , I know garge sales are big in America , Wish it would catch on here xxx

  12. What a great idea and lovely that so many people supported it. Shame I can't see the photo. Would have liked to see the Yoda resemblance. xx