Thursday, 7 July 2016

What's next

All through Col's Non Hodgkins Lymphoma thing there have been problems and hold-ups so we fully expected that the stem cell collection would take 2 or even three days as they said it usually takes more than one day to collect enough. BUT  Great Joy, they rang last night after we had been home  a few hours and said we didn't have to make the 120 mile round trip to Cambridge again as there were more than enough stem cells collected. Good.
Next thing on the list is a kidney function test on Tuesday and another heart check soon after, then we await  his call to go into Ipswich hospital (probably early August) for 6 consecutive days of very nasty chemo and the stem cell replacement. That's when he'll be in for up to 4 weeks to recover, most of it in an en-suite room on his own to avoid infections.

He is feeling very well at the moment and we are wondering about the chance of having a few days away as that could be our only opportunity this year.
Sounds like a Very good idea.

Back soon


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