Thursday, 5 January 2017

Seeing Spots and Sorting Out

 I mentioned a red with white spots kettle that would be good to replace our old one, I'd spotted them in Asda a few weeks ago when our kettle first went wrong, of course when I went to get one they had all gone - Duh, no idea when/if they will be in again she said.
 So went on line and there they were, with free delivery to the store and now collected.
Writing this made me smile because when you buy anything on line now there is always a bit that says "Look What I Bought -Tell A Friend Now". I've never pressed the Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Other Social networking button..... thinking  "How Stupid". But now I'm doing exactly the same thing!

The kettle we've been using since the other one went bang - the one that won't switch off -  will get packed in a box and kept for emergencies again.

While at Asda I printed out Wedding, Jacob and Florence photos. Actually worked the machine without any hiccups.They've only had these photo-printing machines in Asda since November and a lady walking by said "Oh didn't know they had that here, is it easy to use?" I said "If I can use it anyone can!". Then another lady came to  use the other machine and  said to granddaughter with her that she seemed to be getting on OK which was a surprise. I said I was quite chuffed to be able to master this new technology! We sounded like a couple of old technophobes 😊 .

Now I have to sort all the photos out, some for the photo album, some for the scrapbook and some to share round the family. So far with my new scrapbook hobby, I've only done one page - but we cleared the puzzle away yesterday so I've got the table back again and I can do a Wedding page and a Florence page. I want to get card making again too but maybe that will wait 'til I get a craft room again.
I've also spent a while sorting all last years paperwork, quite a lot is now irrelevant and not personal so gets chucked into the recycling. Then the rest used to get burned but without a fire here I've torn it into tiny bits and soaked in water to make a messy paper maché before adding to the compost heap.

Christmas decorations are down and cards will be sorted out to make note-cards for shopping lists or gift tags. Christmas is now packed back in the box and sealed up ready for moving. I'm very pleased that the people over the road have taken down their flashing blue star from their front window..........we kept thinking  there was a police car outside!

It's been a very slow start to the reading year and 47 people have looked at my blank 'Books Read 2017' page! But I've now finished Dot May Dunn's small book of memories - Christmas around the Village Green. Memories of family life in a Derbyshire village during the war years when she was just a small girl. I could have sworn I'd read one of her other books about her nursing career but it's not down in My Book of Books so maybe I'd borrowed it, skimmed through and decided against for some reason. I shall make a note to read them later this year. I've now started 'Island on The Edge' about life on Soay - a tiny island in the Inner Hebrides, as usual with books like this it makes me want to dash off and live on an Island! Which reminds me - I must write to my penfriend W who does live on a Scottish island although a bit bigger and windier than Soay.

 Suzanne at Life at Number 38 had an interesting looking puzzle/game on her last post and I asked what it was called. She said she got it from The Works so I looked there with no luck. Now I've been searching on Amazon and eBay and no luck there either. So if anyone has any other ideas for a game called '4 in a box'. I'd love to know.

Many thanks for all your comments last time, I'm pleased to say that Col is eating well again and feeling better apart from being as weak as a kitten.
And what a weird co-incidence that two other people reading the blog also have that jigsaw puzzle.

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