Friday, 13 January 2017

Keeping Accounts and Suddenly Worrying

Do you keep account of what you spend?
If you are self employed with a business it's something you have to do and if you want to be frugal and look at where you can save then  it really helps.

I can look back at our January spending for several years (well I would be able to if all my old diaries weren't still in a box in the shed! so actually I can only look back at 2015 and 2016)  so I knew that we needed to book the Tucson in for its MOT (done and it passed- good) before the end of the month, and it's tax will be due too. I can see that I bought shoes last January but they are still going strong and we bought a sack of bird peanuts but won't need them this year as we hardly see a bird at all in town - except seagulls. I know from looking back that January is always a good month for spending less on food and it will be even better this month as we eat up all the stuff in the freezer before moving.

And Moving is the real crux of the matter. At the top of my blog it says we are living carefully on savings until pension time. When I wrote that at the top of the blog about a year ago, I didn't know that we were suddenly going to decide to move to a house that was going to take all our savings and the money left from selling the smallholding, leaving us with a two month gap until Colin's pension payout plus a bungalow that won't sell. Not the most sensible thing we've ever done in our lives. If I've done the sums right we'll be OK. If my sums are wrong..........Oh Dear.

Just in case, it's another don't-spend-anything-extra time. I don't need clothes or nick-nacks (never need nick-nacks) or books........definitely not books.Despite it costing a bit more overall I'll just tax the car for 6 months, by the end of July when it's due again we'll have enough money to do a year or we might have to sell it anyway. I've been dithering over buying another floor lamp or tall table lamp but that will wait too.
I've suddenly got very concerned about how much we have to sort out and pay for when we move. Apart from needing to buy and install an LPG cooker, the lady has BT fibre connection - don't know anything about that, or how/if we use the  Wifi box. There is no TV aerial, only a satellite dish so we don't know if the Sky box connection we had at the smallholding will work easily or not........  we seem to be moving without giving a thought about practicalities! I think it's official.............we're mad! (But we have got 3 baby trees here to plant out when we get there - not sure we have our priorities right are you?)

Must say welcome to three more followers. Hello, Hello and Hello!

 11am Friday 13th and we have snow! Big flakes too, but not laying much. But I'm now laid up with what Col had 2 weeks ago. How did that happen? Just very concerned that we went to see our youngest and little Florence yesterday, hope to goodness I didn't pass it on before knowing I had it.

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