Sunday, 1 January 2017


When the children were small we had this book with it's lovely illustrations. I hope we still have it in a box  and will find it when we unpack.
It says January brings the snow, makes your toes and fingers glow.  I don't know if we will get snow this January, what's the betting it will be just when we move, that's if we actually do get to move this month..... the computers of solicitors work exceedingly slowly.

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.We've had a couple of foggy grey days here but while the sun was out yesterday I clicked the two bits of colour we have in the garden at the moment.......a  pink flowered shrub/tree and the bright yellow and green

of this, and as my ID book is still in a box I can't name either of  them except for guessing the top one is probably a Viburnum and the bottom an Eleagnus. Book-shelves will be top of the list of things we need when we move, can't wait to get unpacked and see what's  been forgotten in a year.

One of my Christmas gifts was A Country Wisdom and Folklore Diary which gives this rhyme for January 1st
"Take out before you take in
Bad luck is sure to begin.
Take in before you take out
Good luck will come about" 

I think this gives me permission to go and 'take in' a new kettle before I take out the Christmas decorations! Ours gave up last week and I had to search boxes for an old one which switches on and boils but refuses to switch off, which is OK except when you live with someone who has a habit of putting the kettle on and then disappearing to the loo or outside.
Which camp do you fall into with small electricals? - cheapy from Wilkinsons as before which we had for about 3 years (costing £12 now) or more expensive at around £20 lasting who knows or top notch super douper at £40. Will top notch last 3 times the length of cheapy? With Suffolk's hard water I doubt it. I quite fancy a red one with white spots........ Oh the excitement mounts!!

Although I said today was all about looking forward I did have a quick look back to see what I had written this time last year and discovered I'd had a few days break from blogging to get my head round  all the changes that were about to happen in 2016. Seems strange to think we are about to go through the same thing all over again and back then we didn't even have the full diagnosis or realise just how serious the illness was.

So off we go on the adventure that is a New Year. I don't make resolutions or plans because things usually don't pan out quite the way we thought. Getting through whatever happens is the best I can do.

As someone has very nearly said somewhere before

May each day of the year be a good day and may all of your wishes come true

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