Monday, 16 January 2017


On the right - 5 cross stitched cards for my 5 Penny Pincher penfriends are almost finished - ready for Christmas. Just need to sew on the snowflake charm. The charms are a bit big really but I only had 1 snowflake brad the right size and all I could find anywhere was these bigger ones. I got them done so I can start the tapestry - on the left.  It's the one I bought myself from the charity shop for Christmas and then my Brother in law gave me the money for it.  He wants to do all his Christmas shopping like that next year!
We had a friend in the Suffolk Smallholders Society who used to frame things for me mates rates, but he's moved to Yorkshire, so I'm going to have to pay proper price, find a frame to fit or turn it into a cushion........a long thin cushion!

Mrs F at the cottage is leaving a desk in what will be my craft room so with the table I've got I should have more room for crafting than I've had for a year. Maybe I'll be able to unpack and learn how to use my new sewing machine at last.

We are still being held up with the house purchase due to a 'wrongly' worded answer by Mrs F to one of the ambiguous questions on the Law Society Form. If a question says "has any additional land been sold or purchased?" and the person answers " Yes half an acre". Which do YOU think?
Yes - sold or Yes - purchased?
We know it's yes-purchased, Mrs F knows it's yes- purchased but the solicitors.....ours or hers....... have assumed SOLD. Oh dear.......... Confusion reigns and we all get wet!
The problem isn't helped by everything being done by phone or email. If you are told to sign something that's been highlighted in yellow and you can't find anything highlighted in yellow(because it's been highlighted in green) what hope is there?!

We are waiting.
And packing boxes.

Back in a day or two


  1. Solicitors....they don't make anything easy do they!!

  2. Have you sold Sue, have I missed the post? I bet you're getting excited I know I would be.

    1. No we didn't need to sell this Very Small bungalow to buy the cottage, it's still up for sale. We're having to pay extra stamp duty which we get back as long as the bungalow sells within 3 years! We will be OK as long as we survive until in march when he gets his work pension. Or we change plan and rent this out but it needs work which we can't afford.

  3. You need the patience of a saint when dealing with solicitors. There is nothing quite like the personal touch and dealing with an actual real-life person is there? It's a shame that so many firms and services use the internet and e-mails for communication. My husband was in IT so is happy to do everything via the computer, but I am not. I have an e-mail address, but very rarely give it out because I like the old fashioned way of paper letters to correspond.
    I'm sure it will sort itself out soon, then when you've moved you can put your feet up and sigh with relief.

    Joan (Wales)
    PS I won't tell you the saga of our proposed move last year.

  4. It really is so stressful - do hope that Col is standing up to it.

  5. Nothing ever seems to run smoothly when moving house does it? I swore I would never do it again, but we are thinking of downsizing to another county... I have 5 years or so to steel myself to do it!

  6. You will be in your new home very soon.

    I love the cross stitched cards.

    God bless.

  7. hope all the wrinkles get smoothed out in the paperwork so you and Col can move soon! I've not thought about Christmas 2017 yet...I just got the tree down yesterday in it's box and put it in the garage when I got home from work tonight. Still have a few ornaments to put away. I never like doing it! More fun to decorate as it looks so festive! God's blessings to you and Col!

  8. We're still having similar issues with our purchase. So you're not alone m'dear. We heard probate has at last been sorted, but today we have been told the sellers solicitor has made another mistake on the contract so we need to sign another, the third one! Ho hum.


  9. Oh dear - hope it gets sorted soon! Good job on the cross stitch. So far this year all I've managed to do is work out what I want to stitch and got it ready - yet to start lol.

  10. Ouch! I think I'll just by a steel shipping cotinaer, cut window holes in it and live like Stig of the Dump or something. Much less hassle

  11. Oy! These solicitors. They drive you bonkers don't they. Hope it is soon resolved. Enjoy your stitching in the meantime!

  12. Love the colours of the flowers on the tapestry. Think your brother-in-law has the right idea about Christmas shopping.

    Personally I wouldn't have assumed anything about the land, but I would have rung Mrs F and asked. Far too simple an answer probably.

    Hope it's not much longer before you get the green light for moving (or yellow!) xx

  13. What a lovely tapestry to do. I hope you can find a frame the right size at a car boot sale.

    As for the house-selling shennanigans, for heaven's sake!!