Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Not off to a good start

2017 hasn't started quite how we wished as Colin has been very poorly with the Norovirus. Because of his background illness it has really knocked him for six, almost back to how he was after being in hospital for all those weeks in the summer. It's going to take an age for him to build up strength. We see his consultant next week so maybe he'll suggest something to help. Thank heavens I didn't go down with it, just felt not quite right - perhaps in sympathy!

Forgot to mention a jigsaw puzzle, spotted by Colin on the shelf of the Sense charity shop near us just before Christmas, and bought for £1. I'd already decided not to do another puzzle before we moved and had taken one back to my sister but anyway we got started. He doesn't usually do puzzles but got quite into this one until he was struck down and then I managed to get it finished. A fascinating puzzle, loads of people, some the same in each picture which are war time and then 1948. Col said he'd like to get it framed but it's a bit big - would cost a fortune, unless we can find a frame to fit it second-hand.

Having been stuck at home for days I decided to go into town as the charity shops would all be open again. Although in the end I didn't find anything and remembered my pledge NOT to buy any Christmas cards in their sales. I didn't bother with sale shopping anywhere else either and didn't even walk as far as Debenhams, M&S, Primark and all the rest of the big stores. Just bought a couple of hot water bottles from Wilkinsons and a few bits from Poundland including a roll of their brown parcel paper which I plan to use for Christmas wrapping this year. Also bought a pack 4 clear plastic folders as it's time to empty all last years receipts,bills etc from the dresser drawer and sort everything out and I want to separate new house, beach hut, bank and building society stuff to make it easier to find at a glance, before I file everything away.

Picked up my library books which were waiting for me, still haven't got through the Huge Heap I brought home before Christmas. Really mustn't order anymore until I've read all that I've got here.

Right off to get reading

Oh, just remembered I've spied a new follower -Welcome Life on the wink - interesting name!

Thank you for all the comments wishing us Happy New Year and better health for Col - We hope so too

Back shortly


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