Saturday, 21 January 2017

Pb Atomic Number 82

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 Pb = Plumbum - The Latin name for lead and smirked at by students since time began.

5 years ago when we had the new kitchen extension at the smallholding the old kitchen chimney was taken down and the lead flashing folded up and stored under the workbench in Col's shed - ready to go to the scrap-merchants. 4 years later and we were having the last lot of junk and scrap cleared away and Col,who was in hospital at the time said "don't let T take the lead, I'll take it to the scrap-merchants myself". 3 months later and I'm moving out of the smallholding to Ipswich and Col is in hospital and the pieces of lead are Still under the workbench. So they were put in the car and came with me and I used them to hold down the compost bin. Almost 1 year later and this precious lead has finally got to the scrap merchants and after all that the bits were worth................. £18!
Better than a kick up the Plum-bum!

Many thanks for comments, still no news on the conveyance mix-up from the other solicitors.

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  1. Most definitely better than a kick up the Plum-bum :-)

  2. We took all the old imperial copper pipe and lead pipework from this house and we got just over £100 for it.

    1. We always took stuff ourselves, so Col was most peeved to have to have someone collect it just before we moved from Knodishall, it wasn't worth much so we didn't get anything for that last load, so a good thing we hung onto those little bits of lead!

  3. Tennis highlights on BBC 2 from this afternoon!

  4. better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! x

  5. Always take it yourself! Your average local scrap man is a criminal

  6. Well that was a good result! Worth carting around for all of those years!

  7. Aren't you glad you loaded them up? Save or spend?