Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Moving news

On Monday we went to see the cottage and the lady we are buying from. Her solicitor hadn't told her that our solicitor was away until the 16th so there was no chance of anything happening before then and for some reason she had got things organised for Friday 13th. She wasn't best pleased and I'm sure she thinks we are holding things up, but nothing we can do about it. 
I rang our solicitors secretary as soon as we got home and she assured me that our solicitor rang Mrs F's solicitor before Christmas to tell her about the delay...........honestly who do you believe?

We really went over to the cottage to look at the ride-on mower she's got, it's huge and much bigger than any I've used before.It also has a trailer which is handy for moving wood etc. We need something for cutting the meadow bit although we'll be able to use our small motor mower for round the house. She's going to come up with a price for us to buy it off her.

We got lots more house paperwork in the post yesterday including draft contracts and things to sign. Unfortunately the maps were wrong - missing part of the land we are buying- so everything will have to go back. We rang Mrs F to say we can't exchange until the maps are right and she said that all the information about the small plot of land adjoining the house and garden that they bought in the 1980's was with her solicitor and she specifically pointed out to them that we needed to see the conveyance details for that extra half acre.  Ho Hum!

She said she's now arranged things for the 19th but I think that might be wishful thinking. We feel really sorry for her as she is over 70 and hasn't moved for 30+ years so doesn't realise that things Never go to plan with buying and selling nowadays.

At least we will be able to sort a completion date to suit her removal company as we don't need to move in the day we get the keys. Our removal company date can be flexible too, they are bringing boxes tomorrow so I can get packing.

A short book review of a short book........... read it in just a couple of hours.

I picked this up at the library because the cover looked interesting. It's seven short stories linked together by The Girl in the Red Coat and Christmas. Good but not outstanding, glad it was from the library and not purchased.
I've also read this which was  mentioned on someones blog. I'd not read any Georgette Heyer since the 1970's. I'll not be reading any more. Regency Romance is something I can do without!
Snowdrift and Other Stories (includes three new recently discovered short stories) ebook by Georgette Heyer
These are all short stories, 3 newly discovered and the rest originally published in a collection called Pistols For Two.

On the health front........we have seen Col's cancer doctor again and the tablets are doing their job. He told us they will work for about 12-18 months until the Lymphoma comes back too much for the tablets to cope with, which is why the donor stem cell transplant has to be done during the summer. We have a bit of a respite now as Col only needs blood tests and clinic assessments once a month, saving a lot of travelling in the short term ........before we start the huge mileage we'll be totting up going to Addenbrooks.

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