Sunday, 10 April 2016

Thursday to Sunday ( my titles are getting boring!)

Many thanks for all the comments on the last post, all the info about ultrasounds was very interesting. I've been searching my memory and maybe I did have a scan for our youngest in '87. Certainly didn't know the sex of any of them until they arrived although I somehow guessed right each time.

The cat flap has been fitted, Polly wasn't impressed because after two weeks without one  she now prefers to have someone open the door for her! I shoved  her in and out several times and she eventually realised she was now free to come and go just like at the smallholding.

Colin came home from hospital on Thursday evening, and with more antibiotic tablets to take for a week his 5th chemo cycle will be postponed for a few days. They gave him some different high calorie/ protein supplements to try but, just like the previous types, they are revolting. He says he'll stick to peanut biscuits and fish butties! He is going in almost everyday for blood tests -they need his platelet levels to increase  so that he can start having the clexane injections again ( they are for a blood clot on his lung - not sure I've even mentioned that but it was something they eventually found whilst trying to sort out the breathlessness) Apologies for all the health details, sometimes this blog seems to be turning into a medical encyclopedia and it's still hard to believe he was never ill until he was 56.

The larder fridge has been delivered, very prompt service and the extra shelf is very welcome. I emailed The Ipswich Furniture project and Age Concern who both collect but neither could come for the old fridge for several weeks so on Friday Col, who has more patience than me for sorting out stuff, decided to put it on ebay after all. No idea if anyone will want it.

Saturday afternoon we went back to Knodishall to fetch the trailer full of our garden and workshop stuff  from our friends barn.
It was quite a load

 On Sunday our son and future daughter in law came over to help us unload and get as much as possible stowed in the garage. This means I have 4 large pots, three bags of compost, a water butt,the lawnmower and my garden tools here and I'll be able to start weeding and growing veg - on a very small scale - at last.
Then we treated them to lunch and went somewhere we've never been before............PizzaHut! Blimey, it's not cheap is it? but it is just up the road, was decent enough but we probably won't bother again.

There were a few things Col decided we didn't need here ( thank heavens!) and they've stayed on the trailer to take back as soon as we can.

I've read the book that my friend Mary-in-Bath suggested after I did the review of  "The trouble with goats and sheep".   "Spies" by Michael Frayn is also a world seen through the eyes of a child growing up. This is the blurb from Fantastic Fiction.....

In the quiet cul-de-sac where Keith and Stephen live there is very little evidence of the Second World War. But the two friends suspect that the inhabitants of the Close are not what they seem. As Keith authoritatively informs the trusting Stephen, the whole district is riddled with secret passages and underground laboratories. Then one day Keith announces an even more disconcerting discovery: the Germans have infiltrated his own family, and the children find themselves engulfed in mysteries far deeper and more painful than they had bargained for.

It was very short and easy to read.

Visitors have just arrived
So Back Soon


  1. Now if you had written what I THOUGHT you had written as a wiuld have had 100 replies

  2. I thought your title read ( on my sidebar)
    My TITTIES are getting boring!

  3. Pizza from restaurants is always rather disappointing, I find. A big one from a supermarket is a third of the price and twice the size! *skinflint*

    1. But it costs a lot to heat your oven to the high temperature required!

  4. I was going to post a somewhat bland post about how glad I was that you could get some gardening going as it would be a nice relaxing thing to do but John's comment has somewhat thrown me!

  5. Ha ha,the book you've mentioned sounds really intriguing. It will be great for you to grow a bit of veg.

  6. Best wishes to Col.
    That book sounds an easy read.

  7. Please don't apologize for the health details. You're both showing amazing courage, and readers who keep you in our prayers appreciate the updates. Good news about being able to plan your garden! I know when I've moved, planning & planting a garden helps me feel more settled in.

  8. Glad to hear Col is home with you. We've not been to Pizza Hut for quite a while. I used to find it good value, but 'free' salad, 3 average sized pizzas and a drink each started to get more and more expensive. I still think the good old English chippy is value for money. One portion of chips does the 4 of us and the fish is that big we generally share one between 2. xx

  9. Am sure you will enjoy beginning your garden, and your cat should be happy now too! Hope someone takes the fridge off your hands. Blessings to you both!

  10. I had a scan in 1976 at the last moment when at 7 months all was going horrendously wrong with a very small baby (dont worry he is 40 next month and 6 ft 4). it was treated by the staff as a momentous new thing and certainly not shared with the patient. So different to the way you seem so well informed with what is happening to you at present! My view of Pizza Hut is same as yours!

  11. I agree with the reader above that you should never apologise for writing about Colin's ongoing ups and downs. We are all (I think!) wishing him well and are amazed by your courage and seeming resilience though I am sure there must be times behind closed doors.........
    It is a diary which you are generously sharing with us after all. I have learnt a lot since starting to read it and wish we had managed to stay on your site before you left. Would love to have met you both.
    Laughed about Polly's preference for having the door opened for her! Sue

  12. Never think we do not want to hear about Col and your day. This is your life right now much like your garden has been. Better to write about it than not.
    Love the story about your DIVA kitty, Polly. What a hoot !

    Now must look up what a fish butties are ?
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Sue I waited to ask you this....
      Can I send you an interesting grow bag for your garden ? I have four and some homemade ones. It just might make you giggle.
      So I need your address. If not that is just fine. I know you have a lot going on right now.

  13. We do love to make our own pizza at home, using yeast as well as buttermilk in the recipe... Really good!!