Monday, 18 April 2016

Poor Old Woman

I was another year older on Saturday  *Groan*.

Eldest daughter jazzed up last years wedding photo and shared all round Facebook! Dear Child! She said Mum doesn't do Facebook so won't see it but of course I saw it on Col's Facebook page. I've tried to make this pic much smaller but it won't let me - damn.

I don't often look at my Facebook page but came across someone I hadn't seen since before we moved to Knodishall in 1992. He is the Dad of some children (friends of our eldest 2) I looked after as a childminder - after school and school holidays. But I knew him from way back when I was about 14 or 15. I was very keen on him but he couldn't stand me(Story of my life!). He is perhaps a year or two older than me but now looks MUCH older!
He He He!

For my birthday youngest daughter gave us a garden voucher as she didn't get Col anything for his birthday in March. Eldest daughter also gave me a garden voucher. So I'm thinking a fruit tree or two.Son gave me books from my wish list ( good old Amazon). Friends came up to see us and the teeny bungalow, we'd not seen them since December so there was plenty to chat about. To celebrate my 61st birthday on Saturday and friend A's 51st birthday on Friday we went out to a carvery. A good plate full of veg and some lovely tender pork and beef. The desserts looked SO delicious but we were all full up and anyway I had the chocolate cake waiting at home - which was actually pretty good for a shop cake.

You know all the hassles we had with changes to moving dates? Well my sister and brother-in-law have been surviving through exactly the same experience in their efforts to move back to Suffolk after a few years in Norfolk. They found a buyer for their house very quickly and found somewhere to buy where the owners were going abroad - so no onward chain, but the dates kept changing, from late March to early April, then the 15th April but still no exchange. They kept getting promised progress but nothing actually happening.Eventually they found that a solicitor working for the buyers at the bottom of the chain was very slow. He was an internet solicitor so no office to go into for anyone to find out what was happening, I guess probably cheaper for the people using him but I think I preferred to have a "real" person in a real office to visit and nag!

Col broke a filling early last week and rather than try and find a dentist locally he rang his dentist back in Saxmundham, explained that he needed to be fitted in quickly due to going back into hospital for chemo and went on Friday afternoon, when he said he was on ESA they did it for free - good news- although I'm not sure he should have qualified - we will see.
More good news- remember the small fridge with an ice box that came with the house, well we sold it on eBay for £42. We agreed to keep it here until the buyer can collect in a couple of weeks.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.
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