Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Home alone, good TV and other stuff

I am still home alone (unless you count Polly the cat- and she's not very talkative) because Col is still stuck on the oncology ward. They gave him antibiotics and then a different sort, they've given him platelets but the levels are only creeping up slowly. He might come out tomorrow, I hope so. Then he should be due for the 5th chemo cycle next week but this may be delayed. The doctors have explained about stem cell treatment which he will have after the 6th chemo session, it requires 4 WEEKS in hospital, most of it in a single room to avoid infection. Oh my goodness, he will be institutionalised!!  not to mention bored stiff.

This is the photo of Col that our son posted on his Facebook page the other day when he took a giant Haddock sandwich into hospital for Cols teatime treat. M and R had popped down to Felixstowe and Col had put in a request for decent food. I'm not sure this counts as Good but he needs all the calories he can get at the moment and there's no chance of that with hospital food.

Now to the good TV programmes - We watched most of The Farming Life which finished last week. It was a series of 12 programmes describing a year on 5 farms in various parts of Scotland. The hard work in harsh conditions was something I wouldn't want to do that's for sure. I enjoyed seeing some of the farmers showing their animals at auctions and agricultural shows which I never wanted to do when we kept goats and sheep (not that we ever had anything worth showing anyway!).
On Sunday evenings I've been watching Paul O'Grady getting involved in the work of the Salvation Army. I'm not keen on him but I am interested in what the sally army do. An aunt and uncle were uniformed members all the way through their lives and my cousins  and their families are now. My Gran went to a Salvation Army over 60s group when she was alive and her funeral was at the Stowmarket Citidal.
On Monday Night there was a fascinating programme about The Vikings and their journeys across the world all those years ago.

And all the other stuff - a  larder fridge has been ordered, I shall ring up one of the charities that collect, and donate the old fridge to them along with an armchair from the shed. I know I ought to be selling them on ebay but at the moment I just can't be doing with the hassle.
On Tuesday I had time to go on a tour of the Ipswich charity shops to look for some baby clothes for the 2 bumps, but there were so few around. Some charities don't have any at all but there is a jumble sale at the local Scout group on the 21st and luckily they are not from us and I must try to get to some boot sales.
 As her OH is working away in Manchester this week our youngest asked me to go with her for the first scan of her bump this afternoon. Mini bump was turning somersaults! We were both glad to see only one baby (my dad was a twin so you never know) and the heartbeat was fine so that's good news.
When did ultrasound scanning start? I can't remember if I had scans for any of our three in 1980, 81 or 87? Anyone know?

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