Friday, 5 June 2015

Weather, good books and getting started

We had the most fantastic storm this morning, thunder, lightening and the rain came down in sheets more like that seen in the Lake District rather than Suffolk. I would have taken a photo of how far you couldn't see but I was driving at the time - taking Mabel to the vets for the usual regular injection. All through the town there were children on their way to school and of course none of them had a brolly or even a jacket. I should think it took them the rest of the day to get dry.
Since then it was sunny and extremely humid, part of me thinks I should have be outside either working or enjoying the warmth but really I was indoors watching the French Open tennis semi finals!
After taking a very unimpressed Mabel home again, I went the other way to Tesco for the big June shop. A £6 off £40 shop, £7 of loyalty vouchers and a few other small vouchers and my trolley full went down by £14. 60p - handy.

2 good library books have been added to my Books Read in 2015 page.  The first was Flying The Coop by Francine Raymond. ( Flagged up by Sue at New Life in the Country) She is a writer and garden columnist and founder of the Hen Keepers  Association, an online information service for people who keep poultry for pleasure. She lived, ran courses and a Christmas shop and wrote books from her home in Troston in Suffolk for many years but after her husband died prematurely  she moved to Whitstable  in Kent to be nearer family. This book is about starting from scratch in a new area when you are over 60 - very apt I thought.

The information for the second book came from Furrowed Middlebrow blog. He has now listed lots the WWII diaries and fiction by British women authors - a massive list of 60 pages!. By copying them over to Word, shrinking the type size, getting rid of all the double spacing and generally squishing things together I got this down to 21 A4, which I've now printed off to keep for future reference ( and perhaps a trip to Hay On Wye!).
  Katharine Moore lived in Kent during the war and was a teacher and Lecturer in English. She wrote her first novel aged 85. When this book was on my library book photo post a couple of weeks ago, Margaret P suggested another book of correspondence between Katharine Moore and Joyce Grenfell
which covers 22 years of letters. I've now got this on order from the library. All in all, when it comes to finding ideas for books I say thank goodness for Blogland ( and the Library for getting them for me for free).

Getting started? That's me filling in forms for the Estate Agents and finding a solicitor to do the house sale. We are being photographed and measured next Tuesday!

Have a good weekend
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