Saturday, 27 June 2015

It's Hot - Just The Weather For Haymaking -AGAIN

 I wrote about haymaking last year, Day 1 is here, and here we are round to Day 1 of this year.The difference is that we are are almost a month earlier,  and we are only cutting our field and the one up the road behind a Londoners second home. Our field will be made ( God and weather permitting) into small bales and the one up the road into large bales. A farmer has been up to cut  and Col will turn and bale.We have buyers for both lots of hay but how much help we will get shifting our small bales is another matter and as Col is meant to be taking things a bit easier it will probably be down to me to shift them off the field, onto a trailer and into the barn - as I did last year. I really hoped last year that it would be the last time I did this job, it's always so hot for haymaking - obviously!
Why Oh Why did I jinx things by saying this two weeks ago -

I might be a bit busy over the next two or three weeks, with tennis on TV, a couple of hundred punnets of gooseberries to pick, cross stitching while I watch the tennis and making jam to save putting things in the freezer and HOPEFULLY showing people round the house.
Instead we had one week with the road shut and no point picking because of no traffic, now the road is re-opening Monday and tennis will be back on TV, there are still several dozens of punnets of gooseberries to be picked, another potential buyer to show round Monday, Col taking our sons old car to the scrap yard and we have to add in  Haymaking too. Phew!

I might be a bit busy over the next two weeks Oooops better not tempt fate!

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