Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Backwards, Forwards and Further Forward

 Looking back at May.

A busy, busy month.
Cool, windy and not a lot of rain
Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and Aubergines planted into the poly-tunnels
New potatoes, beetroot,radishes,strawberries and salad leaves from the tunnel
Rhubarb and asparagus from the garden
6 Jars of red gooseberry jam made using fruit from the freezer
Selling at 2 car boot sales cleared out quite a lot of unwanted items
The campsite has been OK but not as busy as 2014, about £300 down
Tax refunds and news of a very small pension for me from my County Council library days
Various brassicas planted out into the garden
Visit from Blogger Pat - The Weaver Of Grass
Very few books read from the library haul 
A youngest daughter moved in and then moved out on the last of the month
A husband with more health problems and 2 nights in hospital was the final straw for deciding to have a change of lifestyle
A trip to Sussex for our eldest daughters wedding ( and Thank you to everyone who left comments saying they enjoyed the photos )

Looking forward to June

Our house will go up for sale
We will clear out more stuff ( especially from Cols mess workshop) to sell
We will keep the garden going
I will watch as much tennis as possible
We will sell as much fruit and vegetables as possible
Now all the excitement of special birthday and wedding are over we will be able to cut spending because we need to save as much as we can while we still have an income.

Looking Further Forward and We Have a Plan
When we have a buyer for the house, we plan to buy something small, probably in  Stowmarket - the town in Mid Suffolk where we started our married life.
We will get it ready to let out, spend some time visiting places we've been wanting to visit for years.
At the same time we will start to look for a small cottage with a bit of woodland anywhere in the country but possibly Wales, where we can buy for about £100,000 less than this house is worth. Therefore giving us something to live on until pensions kick in.

And finally I must welcome a new follower on Google - Hello Jayne M and also followers on Bloglovin' welcome Mair, Anne, Elspeth and Chrissym.

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