Friday, 26 June 2015

Lists While In Limbo

Still in limbo here because as predicted by the lady at Essex and Suffolk Water the road is still closed. They are waiting for a big machine for resurfacing due to so much tarmac being damaged by the water. So instead of picking gooseberries, bunching flowers and digging spuds to sell I've been tidying and sorting things, trying to find more stuff for a car boot sale and getting rid of rubbish ready for future moving. ( First viewing tomorrow)

 I came across this scrappy bit of paper which has the years 1992 to 1999 along the top and then lists of all the work we did here and what we planned to do. Under 1992-1993 is says we
cleared rubbish,
 felted and insulated the house roof,
 repaired the chimney,
 painted right through the inside, 
reclaimed some vegetable beds, 
cleared out the first shed, 
planted raspberries and strawberries, 
put up a greenhouse,
 took down the derelict Nissen hut,
 started keeping chickens,
 replaced the bathroom fittings, 
built compost bins and
 replaced the septic tank.
 A busy time as Col was working full time and we had 3 children under 12 but we were SO much younger! That was in our first year here and  the list under the next few years are just as long.

We were sitting out in the sun again today for a while and  started another list  -  places we would love to visit if we had the chance to have a gap year with a caravan. We came up with the following

Chatham Historic  Dockyard
The Black Country Museum on their 1940s weekend
Weald and Downland Open Air Museum
Butser Ancient farm
The Isle of Wight
Dover Castle
One of the Big Antique Fairs
Snowdon Mountain Railway
Keswick and the Lake District and the Cumbria coast
Yorvik and the Railway Museum in York
The Imperial War Museums at Duxford and in London
The Northumbrian Coast

Several of these we have been to before but not for years and never without children. Should keep us busy for a few months.

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