Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A bit of blue sky thinking

At long last we had some warm sunshine and blue skies without the North East or North West winds that have plagued us here on the East coast for weeks and weeks.
Warm enough to sit out for an hour for a bit of this
although I didn't do much thinking!

Our little  road is still closed, that's 6 days with no income from gate sales. I've got the address of the Man to write to just in case there is any chance of compensation- Unlikely! I biked to Saxmundham this morning, there was no one working where the water main burst although they have filled in the hole. Now they've got to do the re-surfacing of the road and according to the very nice lady from Essex and Suffolk Water, the road should be open from Monday morning. That will be 10 days closed!
Biking along the road to Saxmundham instead of driving gave me a chance to read the sign at a farm that used to have a campsite like ours. Now it's called Retro Vacations and  they do this . The airstream caravans look really good, but does it say anywhere that the site is right beside a busy B road?

I nearly forgot to say thank you for all the comments after the last post. We haven't much left to sell at car boot sales after selling £300 worth of stuff earlier and there isn't one locally this Sunday either or we could have taken gooseberries and spuds. I shall be picking and digging all next week I reckon. 

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