Friday, 12 June 2015

June's Library Book Photo and Memories of Childrens Parties

A lovely sunny bike ride down to Friston for the library van and a good collection of booksbrought home. Not sure when I will get time to read this lot with Wimbledon coming up and Gooseberry picking of course.
Some from my favourite modern authors and a couple from the 1940s that have recently been reprinted. I shall try James Oswald again even though I didn't like or finish the last one - can't remember why. A few of the other books here are ones mentioned on The Furrowed Middlebrow Blog - British women authors from the early 20th Century. I shall let you know what I think of them all in due course.

Last month I brought home this lot and some went back unread. I tried Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver twice but just couldn't get into it. The Rafaella Barker - Summertime -was a bit too fluffy for me though I did read Green Grass. I also didn't read Pie 'n' Mash and Prefabs because the Joyce Storey book, that I did read was  about similar subjects. Though I've made a note to borrow it again one day.

  Marguerite Pattern, the very prolific cookery writer, died the other day aged 99. The book that introduced her to me was this one below from 1963.(Edited to say sorry,Picture vanished and I couldn't get it back!) My mum must have bought it to help with parties me and my sister  had at home in those more simple days.  She didn't like childrens parties and they  promptly stopped at aged 11. In fact as I was 4 years older than my sister ( well I still am I guess!) by the time I was about 13 I think she left it to me to organise them for L and her friends . I remember going through this book looking at all the ideas for games. Look at the price... 2/6, that's 12½p ! It's £4.49 upwards now on Amazon. I guess our copy fell apart years and years ago.

I do still have 3 books by Marguerite Pattern, over on the left of one of my WWII shelves.

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday on the Frugal post. Re-hashing old posts is lazy really but I might do it again!

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