Thursday, 18 June 2015

The House Is On The Internet!

We are FOR SALE, well the house is. It went live online today and the sale board will go up tomorrow. If you know anyone who might be interested in a smallholding with a campsite the details are HERE

One of my reasons for wanting to move is to have fewer responsibilities and today proved why. A big water main up the road has burst and we lost our water supply, we had 15 minutes warning and I filled all sorts of things in the house and Col went to tell the people on the campsite because it means no toilets, shower, drinking water and water for the chemical toilet wash out. I feel responsible for all the people on site, they were all very understanding and filled up their water containers while the water was still trickling and they all have their toilets in their caravans. If it was just us to think about how easy things would be.

Essex and Suffolk Water soon had the road up and the 8inch main fixed, it looks pretty muddy down in that hole. It might take a bit longer to put our road back together again. We have a Road Closed sign outside our house but everything is ignoring it and driving up the road, turning round and coming back again!

Back Soon


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