Monday, 27 April 2015

Where are they now?

I was so disappointed a few weeks ago to find Simple Living Blog had been taken down again. It's sad when blogs you have been reading vanish overnight or just stop without a word.

I read new posts from my favourite blogs by looking at my blogroll over on the right which updates as folk do new posts and when people stop writing I delete them from the bottom of the list . Down at the bottom now is Shrimpton and Perfect who has been blogging since 2011, but left with a That's All Folks, very sad. And where's Julee from Paid In Chickens - she was brilliant. I read Practically Penniless because she was homeschooling her son, something I've always been interested in, but her posts stopped in February.

Looking back to the first year of my blog in 2013,to  the people who had blogs and  commented then. Are they still around? I thought I would go back and look. Some have stopped blogging.

Dreamer- Dreaming of a Quiet Life was in Scotland, I know she cared for someone who was very ill. Sara - A Frugal wife was also in Scotland and always had lovely pictures of her two little children.
A Saver of Surburbia was a fairly recent blog but now gone. The Quince Tree is Pausing. Vintage Vicki who lives a couple of miles from me was blogging long before I started, but she stopped a while back. Wendy at Blue Borage had a smallholding blog that stopped a year ago. Two members of The Suffolk Smallholders Society once started blogs,  Mid Suffolk Meadow might write again but another lady 's blog  - "Smallholding Pleasure or Profit" only lasted a few months.

I'm sure there are others I have forgotten.
I wonder why they stopped

I guess in a way it is good that a few people give up blogging or there would never be time to read all the new posts!

While some stop, there are always new people coming along, writing interesting posts which I enjoy reading.
Just recently I've found LOVING OUR VINTAGE LIFE which started in March .HOMEMAKING TALES  new this month. GOING GREEN IN FRANCE even more recent. HER INDOORS,HIM OUTDOORS again new this month. REMEMBERING THE OLD WAYS new in August last year.

Always plenty to read in Blogland

Back soon
None of these bloggers are paying me for mentioning their blogs!


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