Thursday, 23 April 2015

Another week nearly gone

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So what have we been up to?

After the big family gathering on Saturday evening we spent Sunday clearing up and shifting furniture back but of course we found time to shoot up the road to the car boot sale. There were loads of boots but silly prices and all I bought was a bottle of Tomorite tomato food for £1, some French Marigolds for £2 ( these go in the poly-tunnel to attract pollinating insects) and  little clock for the living room for 50p ( The old clock mysteriously died while we were away on holiday).

On Monday Col had an appointment at the Cardio Outpatients Clinic and they have now signed him off after the very small heart attack last Autumn, they are still not 100% sure that it was actually a "proper" heart attack.

On Tuesday he was back in hospital this time for an overnight stay and a small operation. Please cross fingers for a good result which we will hear about in a couple of weeks time. I've told him that if many more bits of him fall apart we will need to move to the housing estate opposite Ipswich Hospital entrance rather than out into the wilds somewhere.

I spent a lot of time cleaning while he was 'inside', very useful but boring. I've also brought all the car boot stuff downstairs and sorted it out ready to be loaded up when we decide the weather is right.

On Wednesday before I went to collect him I clicked this photo - on the old camera - of Mabel and Polly  both on the old settee in the conservatory -  without fighting - a step in the right direction.

  The new camera - my lovely present from Col and our children - is gradually revealing all it's tricks - I can alter the look of photos four ways including  Retro or Old just with a click, haven't found monochrome yet but I expect it's there somewhere. I still need to work out a simple way of taking photos off the camera and into a file for the blog.
This is a picture of the blossom on the plum tree taken on the new camera.
Not quite right, but I'm learning.
And here is what you can do to alter a photo - the picture is under the Horse Chestnut where we have some bluebells flowering.

Let me know when I start boring you with camera info!

Today has been all about plants, pricking out, planting out, sowing and a bit of weeding in the poly tunnel and watering...........we've now had no rain for weeks although it is forecast for Saturday and according to one weather website we have hail next week!

Tomorrow I need to pop to Leiston - no driving for Col for 2 weeks - for a few errands as we will be without a car for a while next week because the Hyundai is in for a couple of jobs before the warranty runs out.

I have read the first of LAST FRIDAY'S LIBRARY HAUL ......The Scrivener by Robin Blake is the third in a series of historical crime set in Preston in 1742. It had one glaring error when the author mentioned baler twine! baler twine in 1742 - I don't think so! I've rejected M.R. Hall - The Burning - too  nasty for my taste. I'm just starting another of the crime re -published from the 1930s - John Bude - Cornish Coast Mystery, his books are very well written and it's odd that Christie and Sayers became famous and constantly in print while John Bude vanished for 80 years. Well done to the British Library Publishing Company for reviving some lost Authors.

 The campsite is ticking over with a motor-home arriving for 2 nights and a caravan for 4, and one of our regulars is due Monday for 10 nights. Rhubarb is growing well, we will start selling next week, two bales of straw have sold- that's a start I suppose. We may have a member of the family as a lodger for a while in May, which will help with finances and be............interesting!

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