Thursday, 16 April 2015

Summer arrived yesterday and another year older today!

The first swallow was spotted on Wednesday morning, first by Col on his way back from our neighbours and a bit later by me sitting at my desk while making a start on the dreaded Self Employment Short Tax Return. Campsite income was so good last year that I may have to pay tax - Bother and Blow!

The sun was shining and we got the strawberries weeded
 took the fleece off the onions

 Everything started to grow after two days of warmth. The leaves and "candles" on the Horse Chestnut.
This shrub is flowering, I think it is one of the Virburnam family
 After a slow start the Rhubarb is really growing well, the bottomless dustbin is forcing one clump.
The leaves are appearing on the Red Hazel

And look what we have in the poly tunnel - only a few but it's a start, they are in growbags up off the ground but still the ants have moved in, hence the ant powder

Today I had a "bit of a birthday", the rest of my birthday will be on Saturday afternoon when we are having "a bit of a do!"
Col and our children have all clubbed together  to get me a new camera (which will arrive with the family on Saturday) but he also surprised me with a gift of  sealing wax and an S seal which I will be using on my letters - how posh is that! My friend Mary sent me a book with a 'cheery' title, and I had lots of beautiful cards from relatives and pen-friends.

Had I been born a couple of weeks earlier I would now be getting my pension but as the goalposts have been moved I shall have to wait until I'm 66 - At least prescriptions and an eye test are now free. As a famous blogger would say " Hey Ho!"

Welcome to new followers - Homemaker Tales on Google and Sarah,Jenny and Lynda on Bloglovin

Back in a day or two


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