Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tarting up the house without spending too much......... cooking from the garden.

Today was busy,busy.

 It started with me doing the ironing and looking around the small bedroom while I was ironing and thinking "Oh Good Grief now I've moved all the car boot stuff out this room looks very tatty". That means it really needs a coat of paint in case we do put the house up for sale. So after finishing the ironing and putting everything away, I cleared out the room which was easier than it sounds because apart from the ironing board and iron and the now empty ironing basket, the only things  in the room were 2½ packs of new egg boxes, one old dining chair and one small recliner.
We still have some paint left from the living room so that will do and means another room done without any cost.
The single bed that's currently in the craft room will go in here as Estate Agents always like rooms to look right for what they are.

 About  a month ago I suggested we get an off cut of carpet to cover the porch floor, the laminate is very scuffed and rough looking but Col said there were some carpet tiles left over from the conservatory, so I cleared out the  porch, only for him to say that he couldn't find them and then remembered we had used them under the dart board in the campsite recreation room. But while I was ironing on Saturday morning Col was in the workshop sorting out some things for the car boot sale and he came across a piece of vinyl flooring left from doing the utility room and upstairs bathroom 4 years ago. Just right for doing the front porch.
 No time like the present, so I cleared out the porch again and a couple of hours later after a bit of cutting and sticking and huffing and puffing  we had a nice tidy porch floor.
Another job done at no cost.

So far we have done one bedroom, the dining room, touched up the living room and kitchen and I've painted the front door all for the cost of a small tin of red gloss and a small tin of satinwood.

Also today I made 2 lasagnes ( a 2 portion and a 4 portion) using a variation on the recipe on my separate recipe page that's titled Pumpkin and Spinach Lasagne.
This time the variation on  main ingredients were:-
Instead of Pumpkin I used the larger part of our last two butternut squash ( forgot about these the other day when I listed what we had of our own food remaining from last year). A big bowlful of chard from the garden replaced the spinach,  Green Lasagne sheets ( Approved food). A tomato sauce made using 3 of our own leeks, two tins of tomatoes and tomato puree and a white sauce using dried skimmed milk and cornflour. Everything layered up and topped with grated cheddar.
The 2 portion Lasagne was eaten for dinner - and was delicious-  and the 4 portion has gone in the freezer.

Another part of the squash had already been eaten on Friday in a veggie curry. Our other meals last week were an asparagus quiche and  cauliflower (our own) cheese. So no meat eaten but lots of food from the garden. Not forgetting the salad leaves and radishes for lunch everyday. Not too bad at all!

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