Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Re-Discovered, Re-Published and Re-jigged.

I love it when Persephone Biannually drops through the letterbox. If you love books and haven't discovered this small publishing company then have a look here. Persephone Books are not just about books, they always feature print of a fabric from the period and a book mark too.They have a shop, run literary lunches and other events and produce this small magazine with a couple of short stories in twice a year. The books they are re-publishing for Spring/Summer are London War Notes by Mollie Panter-Downes ( originally written for The New Yorker  and last published in book form in 1971 ) and Vain Shadow by Jane Hervey ( originally published in 1963).
I would love the Persephone edition of the first of these but - and here is perhaps the only time I've regretted buying a book - I already have a copy of the 1971 edition. I bought it from Amazon for under £5 several  years ago when Persephone published her other books. I don't think I can justify giving my old second-hand ex-library copy away just so I can buy a smart new grey covered, patterned end-papered Persephone to match my others !

The British Library are re-printing lots of old crime books from the 1940s and earlier. I've enjoyed 2 by John Bude, which, despite being written in the 1930's, hardly seem dated. Death on the Cherwell by Mavis Doriel Hay, on the other hand is more obviously written way back then. I've got others on order from the library.

I've been fiddling with this blog for several weeks, first I changed the header picture, then I went from Frugal in Suffolk to Our Quiet Life in Suffolk. I've now altered the name by which I comment from Simple Suffolk smallholder to Sue in Suffolk, re-written the profile info and my two loaves of bread and a quiche which were my profile picture have been changed to a jug of Alstromeria.  Col has asked me what the heck I'm doing and if it's not broken why change it? I have no proper answer - maybe a change is as good as a rest or I changed it because I could. It's a bit like moving the furniture! I shall stop fiddling now - probably :-) or like the furniture I might just put everything back how it was!

Many thanks for all the comments after my Monday post about blogs that vanish or stop.

 I hereby promise that if ever I decide to stop blogging I will say why and goodbye! ( and Gill at Frugal in Derbishire made me smile - look back and read her comment!)

It's good to be able to recommend new blogs for others to read, sharing the enjoyment is what it's all about.  Thank you also to everyone who said they enjoyed reading and now even more blogs have been added to my blogroll - I shall never get any work done at this rate!

Welcome to Barbara and Nanny Anny who are new followers in the Google pictures and Gwen  following by Bloglovin'. Hope you enjoy reading about our quiet life in Suffolk.
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