Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Three big cheers for the start of the car boot season

Our local car-boot sale sale season started on Easter Sunday. Last year I made a list of what to look out for and what NOT to buy. This year my list of what not to buy is much the same and here is my list of what I am looking out for ( love lists!)

Tee-shirts for either of us
Things that might be useful for Christmas presents
Books that look interesting - they must be cheap
A few trailing plants for the pots and planters on my shabby chic ladder
2 Cushion pads or cushions for less than £2.50 each
Card Paper Craft stuff ? I don't really need anything but I might be tempted!
A full length net door curtain
A necklace for the wedding

Sunday dawned fine, the wind had dropped, there was blue sky in  between the clouds, we got off to an early start, 10 minutes up the road and we were soon walking up and down the rows.

I'm sure much of the stuff there was the same as the regulars had at the end of last season but I had a few useful finds.
2 small things for Christmas pressies were 50p each, a fat cushion pad was 50p and the tee shirt was £1 - Love the colour.
Col had the best value find as he bought a pair of lightweight Regatta walking boots for £2. They are in excellent condition too. If they are comfortable for him it's a really good bargain and if not comfy then they can go with us when we do a car boot and will be sold for more than £2 I think.

The weather was a bit greyer on Bank Holiday Monday and the people selling were much the same as Sunday but I found some Christmas wrapping paper and a few books - 2 will be presents. I spent a grand total of £3.
I hope there will be a few different booters selling in a fortnights time.

A bit of gardening was done over the weekend, we made a start on weeding the long flower border and more seeds have been sown.  In the conservatory squash, pumpkins, more courgettes, more leeks and more Climbing French beans and outside parsnips, just a few carrots, more beetroot and a few broad beans. I'm trying some of the seeds that came from James Wong Homegrown Revolution Seed collection, that I got cheap ( or were they free?) from Suttons seeds late last year. I didn't buy the book that goes with the seeds but borrowed it from the library to find out more. Herb Anise or Anise Hyssop will go in the front flower border. Tomatillos or Mexican Tomatoes have been around in this country for years but I'm growing for the first time. Inca Berries is a new name for something which were called Cape Gooseberries in the past. After I had sown these Col said he had tried them at a friends several years ago and they were not very nice, so we shall see. I'm not growing anymore Cucamelons, people raved about them but they seemed very bitter with tough skins and they rampaged all over the polytunnel.

I think our first campsite visitors of the year all had a good weekend despite the grey and chilly weather. One couple have booked to come again for 2 weekends in May - handy. We had a phone call for a 2 week booking for August too.

Today, Tuesday and finally we have tee shirt weather,  but where were we? Stuck in blinkin' Ipswich for most of the morning, me in town and Col at the hospital. The blood test department have a take-a-ticket system, Col's ticket was 54, they were on number 4! He had a long wait, and he had already been in a seperate department  for an hour.  Anyway, eventually he picked me up again and we came home via Aldi and The Feed mill for chicken food.
My long wander round Ipswich took me into several charity shops but all I found was a necklace for the wedding. I had a look in Waterstones - haven't been in there for ages - and I was surprised at how few books they had, which seems odd for a bookshop! I browsed the magazines in WH Smiths but easily resisted all temptations, most are just full of adverts anyway. Treated myself to a coffee in BHS and looked at the clothes - nothing in my (charity shop) price range!
I really hope that we have  no need to go into town for a few months.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on the last post and welcome to Judith, a new follower on Bloglovin'.

Back in a few days


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