Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Easter has come and gone..................

...........................without us noticing!

Colin had hospital appointments on Saturday and Easter Monday as they needed him to have blood tests to check platelet levels. Both times he had platelet infusions in the ward day-room because the clinics were shut for Easter, of course there are no extra staff for the extra cancer patients going to the ward for checks over Bank Holidays so the poor nurses were all rushed of their feet.

I ventured out on my bike on Saturday morning to take a few things to the charity shop and go to the post office and found a pathway through from one road to the next which means Aldi, 2 charity shops, the post office,newsagent,Co-op and chemist (and dubious take-aways!) can be got to by bike in 10 minutes.Yay! but because I still hadn't shaken off the cold/croaky throat - the first I've had several years - I didn't feel like dallying.

On Sunday Col's brother came over to lend a bit of muscle power for shifting boxes and now 16 boxes of books are under a bed and 6 more piled in the corner of the room. There still seems an awful lot of  other boxes in the summer house/shed and garage but at least the books are safe from damp. Andrew also brought a pair of secateurs (ours are on the trailer still in a shed on a friends farm along with other garden bits) to cut down some bamboo so we could haul out a compost bin I spotted in the corner of the garden and get it in use as our compost bin is also on the trailer.

Then of course we had Weather with a capital W as storm Katie blew in early Monday morning and by golly she was cold, wet and windy! I went out to the garage to investigate another box but it was just too cold for working. Instead we swapped some of the curtains left here for ones we had brought with us and Col (who is feeling not too bad) fixed up my little shelves to hold the herbs and spices - no room in a cupboard anywhere.
Herbs and spices sorted
Below the shelves we have a hatch - they were big in the sixties............ saves all of 10 steps from kitchen to table in the living room, I doubt it will be used.

Polly has settled in nicely, we went outside with her a couple of times during the week, then on Sunday she didn't want to be caught to come in again, climbed a Buddliea, jumped on the fence and onto the shed roof of the house behind and vanished  - Ooops we thought, but 15 minutes later there she was appearing from between our garage and the garage next door. Phew! At least we know she can find her way home again, now we just need to sort a cat flap.

That was the weekend gone - no trips out, no car-boot sales, no visits to stately homes or the sea-side but never mind, we are getting settled and that's the main thing.

Many Thanks for all your comments, sorry I'm not getting around to replying or leaving comments on any other blogs at the moment and welcome to gingerliz and L Efting.

Back in a day or 3


  1. It sounds like a nice settling in time. It's always good to explore your new neighbourhood and find all the alleys and shortcuts. You'll soon know your way round at this rate. Nice too to see some of your bits and pieces being put up and used.

    I have this vision in my head after reading this post, of your bed balanced high on boxes and boxes of books ;-)

  2. Glad you are settling in and cols not feeling to bad ,Take care xxx

  3. So pleased you are all settling in well and finding your feet. Even better that you've managed to get out a bit and discover the neighbourhood. X

  4. Enjoyed reading your update and getting settled in. Love that you are able to bike safely about where you are living in Ipswich but do be cautious as I suspect it is a bit busier on these roads than where you used to live.

    Glad that Colin is doing well and another relief Polly knows where home is.

    Take care both of you.

  5. Pleased you're settling in. I wish we had a serving hatch!! (Don't need one but just love them!)

  6. Lovely to know that you are settling in and finding your way around and that Col isn't feeling too bad-x-

  7. Sounds like you are doing well, everything will fall into place. Its early days and I think you making great strides. I always think that the first week or so in a new home, feels like you are living in someone else's home, then it all slots into place.
    Very best wishes to you both, glad Col is feeling OK.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  8. Glad to hear things are coming along.
    I always was nervous finding my way about a new location, but it just takes time and it sounds as if you are not afraid to explore!
    Hope Polly settles down soon, I'm sure she will.

  9. It all sounds to be sorting itself out Sue - so pleased that your move is behind you and you can look to the future. Love to both.

  10. Sounds like you are settling in well, and having a few shops handy is nice x

  11. Glad to hear you are settling in and finding your way around. Glad that your husband is doing OK, too. Nice that your brother-in-law helped with shifting some of the boxes. It'll take some time to have everything set up the way you like, but it sounds like you are making headway. Best wishes to you both.

  12. A new nieghbourhood to explore, I would like that. It's good that you have local amenities to hand.

  13. yes Monday was quite grim. We had planned to go to Felixstowe, but with the Orwell Bridge closed and the probably evil waves probably closing the pier, we stayed home instead!

    Glad you are settling in so well, and Col is doing ok.xx

  14. So glad to hear that you're settling in nicely and that Colin isn't feeling too bad. I'm sure you'll soon have a lovely little home set up even if it's only a temporary one...oh how I know that word temporary...but it turned into temporarily permanent, well for 16 years! x

  15. Just a note to wish you and Col all the best. It's a long hard haul, this treatment, but at least you are closer to the hospital now. Just to let you know I'm thinking of you from this corner of Devon!
    Margaret P

  16. Hope you are both feeling better.
    Glad to read that the kittycat is getting settled, always a bit of a worry when you let them go out the first few times.
    Hope the weekend is a warm and good one all round.
    Lisa x

  17. ....lovin' the herbs and spices rack.