Friday, 25 March 2016

Wednesday to Friday in the County Town

Here I am again, still unpacking and trying to sort things out.

 On the whole we are quite pleased with choosing this small bungalow (for now!), there is just about room to live, the road is quiet and 15 minutes from hospital is better than 40 minutes especially as Col will have to go for blood tests 3 times a week from now on, and I was very excited to be able to pop to B & Q to buy a new telephone and a bin for the kitchen- took me 10 minutes and half that was queueing at the traffic lights. A new telephone would have needed a much longer journey just a week ago - I'm so easily excited! I can't wait to get out on my bike but I've gone down with a bit of a cold and a gyppy tummy - I put it down to the different water in town!!

Col came home from hospital after the 4th round of chemo on Thursday afternoon. I had to wait in for the cooker delivery so he got his old boss to give him a lift. It was strange saying "welcome to your new home" but lovely to have him back again. Once again he is feeling very tired and with no appetite and another bunch of tablets, injections and eye-drops. This type of cancer is very nasty but its incredible at how many medications have been developed to help things along.
 I had told him how much stuff we couldn't fit in but he was still surprised at how the bungalow had shrunk since we looked at it and his idea of unloading all his workshop stuff into the garage may have to be delayed.

Early this morning I popped to Asda....... something I've never been able to say before, I'll be able to bike there for top-up shopping when I'm feeling better. With the lack of space in the kitchen, top-up shopping will be all I'll be able to do which is the opposite of the last 30+ years when it's been mainly a monthly big shop. We do have a wooden cupboard with shelves which I plan to have in the garage for tins and bottles as soon as I've found space for the things it's currently full of.

Before we moved I mentioned unpacking a craft box to find a peel-off label for 'Sister' to stick on her card. Today is her birthday and guess where the card is............Still Here - forgot to give it to her Tuesday and  forgot to post twice! DUH! So  Happy 57th little Sister!

Our living room window faces south-west so the sun was streaming in on Friday for a while and Col filled the bird feeder, swivelled his recliner round and waited to see what- if anything - would arrive. Two collared doves sat on the garage roof and looked and a blue tit popped in to check it out. Then he saw a wren on the ground and 3 blackbirds having an argument in the shrubs, so there is bird life in Ipswich! Here is our garden from the living room window, small compared to our previous 5 acres! but larger than a lot of gardens on the newer estates.
We brought the birdbath and birdtable with us! Thanks to Brother in law and his van
 The awful crazy paving/weedy bit is definitely going and probably be replaced by a conservatory, which will add space and value without too much expense and hassle.
I took Polly out for a bit of a sniff around, can't let her out on her own yet and we need a way to put a cat flap in a double glazed door - I suppose it must be possible for a glazier to do.
This very strange concrete thingy was left in the garden and the lady who lived here must have been very houseproud as there are doormats - on the right - at the garage and shed doors!

There were so many lovely comments on the last post - Thank you everyone, Col was amazed to find that more than 50 people had wished us well.
 Lynda said "didn't we have 2 cats?" and yes we did, but one disappeared for 6 months after we got them 2 years ago and although she did re-appear and eventually came into the house she fought with Polly and was never really friendly or settled. We decided that the best thing was for her to return to Cats Protection where they could re-home her somewhere without other cats because she was almost bound to disappear again after this house move. Had we have known then what we know now we wouldn't have taken on a cat - hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Welcome to more new followers - Jules, Jane, Curvywitch and Christina. Hope you enjoy reading about our new life in the Suffolk county town.

Now I must get back to sorting out our possessions - fitting a gallon into a pint pot springs to mind!

Back in a day or two


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