Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Thanks to my sister for lots of hoovering, dusting and unpacking and Brother in law who did all the the fixing and connecting things, our son sorted stuff, visited his dad and fetched us food and our youngest and her bloke helped with shifting bits and got me connected. I couldn't have done it without them.

I made tea and coffee!

The estate agents gave me 2 boxes of chocolates so Col could have some in hospital - a kind thought.
The three young removal boys were lovely and so was the carpet fitter who worked part of Saturday and Sunday to get the 3 carpets done.

I have no idea how the gas boiler works but never mind - we have heat and hot water.

The house is too small for my craft stuff, and there are 1000 books that will have to stay in boxes and the shed and garage are piled high.Other than that everything is fine!

The cat is puzzled

I'm knackered

 Back when I'm sorted
PS thanks for all your lovely supportive comments last time


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