Monday, 14 March 2016

So are we moving this Wednesday?.................


Honestly, this whole business has been very silly .................BIG Understatement!
Our buyers late application for a mortgage from Barclays has caused all the problems, and Barclays being exceedingly s...l...o...w   to sort it out.  The new date is March 22nd, although I'm not holding my breath.  Had to ring 5 removal companies before I could find someone to shift us and they are costing £200 more than the ones we had booked for the 16th. Then of course because we still haven't actually exchanged contracts this can't be a definite booking either. It was getting me down but there seemed to be no point in fretting so I'm now just going with the flow and doing a Gallic shrug " whatever".

I shall ring to change the delivery date of the cooker and the mail re-direction. I've given up phoning about water and phone so maybe the new owners are paying for what we use this week. Tough!

I've just finished reading Bill Bryson's latest book - The Road to Little Dribbling. I read Notes from a Small Island years ago and this is a sort of update, a new look at the quirkyness of  Great Britain. I smiled a lot through this book, just as I did through 'Notes', but why does he need to use the F word quite so much? It's usually when he is imagining what he would say to some idiot he has come across on his travels, so he isn't actually saying it, just thinking it, so why write it? That makes me sound like a prudish old person which I now know I am!

Back soon


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