Friday, 10 July 2015

The Books I Didn't Read

This was last months library haul

several will go back  unread,  for various reasons.

Peter May - Runaway, the plot line seemed very familiar, either a crime story seen on TV or read before so I didn't bother to finish it.
Barbara Kingsolver - Pigs in heaven. The second part of a story that began in The Bean Trees, which I enjoyed. I started this but didn't enjoy it so didn't finish it.
Marghanita Laski - The Village. I really tried hard with this book,written in 1952 it's about how the upper, middle and working classes in a village react to life after the war. I could have finished it but it became so predictable I gave up and just read the end!
Stella Gibbons - Westwood. I wanted to enjoy this too, a book set during the war about a plain girl whose mother has told her that she will never attract a man to marry. She doesn't. I tried it, skimmed through and gave up.
Emily Brightwell - The Inspector and Mrs Jeffries. The first of a crime series about a housekeeper who solves the mysteries and murders that baffle her Police Inspector employer. I knew they were light fiction but I thought it a bit rubbishy and silly.
Ian Sansom - The Case of the Missing Books, a Mobile Library Mystery. Given the subject I was hopeful that it would be readable but it was another load of rubbish!
Jayne Thynne - Black Roses. Picked off the shelves just to see what it was but not a subject I was interested in reading.
James Oswald - Prayers for The Dead. I enjoyed the first few books he wrote but didn't finish the last one and couldn't remember why. Started this and found out why, it was because the recent books have gone all supernatural. I'm afraid I prefer fictional crime without the weird.

I seem to have been a bit fussy this month!

The books I did read were by Katie Fforde, Kate Ellis, Angela Thirkell, Donna Fletcher Crow, Anne Perry, John Bude and Neil Sentance.  'Swallow This' by Joanna Blythman is about the secrets of the food industry - I'm still reading it and it's putting me right off processed food. Thankfully we don't eat much anyway. I started to read 'An Invisible Friendship'  which is letters between Joyce Grenfell and Katharine Moore and enjoyed it so much I decided to buy a 1p copy from Amazon to keep to read another time.
 The books that I did read have been added to my Books Read page at the top of the blog.

Back Soon with July's Library book photo.


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