Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another viewing

We were just getting ourselves  lunch today when we noticed a car hovering on the road outside. There was nothing out for sale as it had been raining hard first thing so they were obviously looking at the house. A few minutes later the phone rang with the agents saying that someone wanted to come and view straightaway. We put them off for half an hour and I did a bit of tidying and we had a quick lunch. When they arrived they were a very posh couple older than us and it was obvious they had no idea that we had a smallholding with a campsite. NOT best pleased with the Estate agents!

What a good rain we had overnight. 2 inches in total, should have done the fruit trees a power of good.

Apologies for anyone who couldn't find this post anywhere, it got published by mistake, it wasn't due to be finished 'til next week. But as it escaped I thought I would publish it anyway!

Thanks for comments and welcome to Susan R, Jose and Mrs H who are new followers.

Back later than sooner or sooner than later.


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