Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fruitful pictures

Just a 'few' pictures of how the garden is growing this year.
Best ever Tayberry crop

 Tomatoes looking tidier in the biggest poly tunnel

 Runner bean plants coming along slowly, only just starting to flower, the beans are going to be very late this year.

 All sorts of brassicas under the enviromesh. The B****** butterflies still get in sometimes. Autumn raspberry bed on the right.
 Courgettes bed with courgettes that turn into marrows overnight

Raspberries in the fruit cage just starting to turn red, a whole month later than last year.

Very, very late redcurrants
2 beds of beetroot, just big enough to start eating and selling.

These will be cooking apples when they grow a bit bigger
These will be plums when they get a bit purpler!
 First time I've grown Tomatillos,( sometimes known as Mexican Husk or Mexican Green Tomatoes) lots of 'paper' cases, no fruit inside yet.
 The pepper plants in the poly-tunnel are very short, although there are 3 good peppers on this one. Need to get in here and do some weeding I think.
Really good cucumbers this year, so many I'm selling them at 25p each, which is better than NOT selling them at 50p each. Tesco selling at 49p all year has ruined my cucumber business!
Aubergine flowers are so pretty, I hope they set 
 Sad parsnips but the leeks look OK. The Alstromeria flowers should have been out for sale during the 10 days the road was closed.
Joy Oh Joy a wonderful crop of figs- All mine! as Col doesn't like them.
The pears look awful, the whole tree is like this, and the other two trees have no fruit on at all.

Chard is much more reliable than spinach as it doesn't run to seed so quickly in hot weather
Leaving the best to last - Loads of Apricots - yummy yum yum.

This is what I will miss when we move, not the house or the smallholding or the campsite or the area but the fruit trees.

Many thanks for the 13 comments after the last post, just a couple of points. Dawn said well done on selling surplus, but it isn't really surplus as we actually grow to sell, just not as much as previously because of the health things and having the house for sale. Rachel said we could offer cheaper campsite pitches but that would only work if we actually had people ringing up to book a pitch in the first place! Can't drag them in off the streets to camp - they have to be members of the Camping and Caravanning club and WANT to come here.

The Estate Agents are going to advertise our property in the September issue of Country Smallholding Magazine (which comes out at the end of this month) so that might give it a wider audience.

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