Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review of the month, looking back at June

Look at this - 2 Posts in 2 days, and I'm still gooseberry picking!

Half the year has gone, so time for a  look back at what happened in June

  • We got the house on the market, the brochure looks good, 2 viewings so far.
  • Col did a few hours work for his Leiston customer
  • We had lots of visitors to the campsite so income was over £1,000 and we are just a little up on the same time last year.
  • 4 Good  tyres for the small horse-box trailer for £50
  • Managed to get Mabel ( the shy cat) to the vet for her jab.
  • My unexpected pension pot pay out - Thank you Suffolk County Council!
  • Lots of good reading from the library
  • Col fixed squeak on car - new brake pad - £21
  • I made all our own bread all month
  • We had potatoes, salad leaves, radish, lettuce, cucumber, green beans, carrots, onions, calabrese, cauliflower, beetroot, courgettes, strawberries,tayberries and gooseberries from the garden and poly-tunnels
  • Saved £13 on £40 Tesco food shop ( £6 off £40 voucher and £7 loyalty vouchers)
  • Saved £10 on £30 Co-op food shop ( £6 Divi and £4 off £20 shop voucher)
  • Due to the above food spending was down below budget.
  • Made 8 jars of gooseberry and strawberry jam
  • And 10 jars of gooseberry jam.
  • Visited friends in Essex for the day
  • Tennis from Queens Club on TV to watch every afternoon for a week and the start of Wimbledon fortnight.
  • Lots of clearing and tidying done and a load of scrap to scrap yard = £240.
  • Started cross stitching again, the picture for a fridge magnet and lavender sachets for small gifts 
The blank fridge magnet was one of 3 I bought from a boot sale on May 4th. I got the 3 for 50p, made up with the stitching it makes a little gift small enough to fit in an envelope

  • Looked round 2  car boot sales spent 50p on 3 tumblers, 50p cross stitch kit, 50p string holder, 2 books 50p each, £1.50 beginners tea-cosy knitting kit
  • The story behind me buying this kit is that a few weeks ago the man at the car boot had several of these in a box and wanted £4 for them, I offered £2 but he said no, so I said you'll be left with them at the end of the day, to which he just shrugged his shoulders. So there he was at the boot-sale on Sunday selling them for £1.50 each! They have 2 balls of chunky wool, knitting needles and easy - I hope- row by row instructions and a thing for making pom-poms. This is my next knitting venture after dishcloths.
    On the negative side of the equation

     A water main along our road burst and we were without water for 4 hours and then the road was closed for 10  days, so 10 days unable to sell anything
    There are too many gaps in the campsite bookings diary for July
    Large electric bill due to busier campsite

    I wonder what July will bring . Will we get the hay in or will it be ruined by storms now forecast for tomorrow - Drat!
    Will we get more viewings or any offers. Time will tell.

    Many thanks to Pat, Kev, Amy, Kate and Making,mending,crafting for comments yeserday.

    Back in a few days


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