Saturday, 11 July 2015

July's Library Book Picture

What a treat, so many lovely books brought home from the library van. Most of these were ordered on line and several are brand new. What on earth are we going to do if we move somewhere where they charge to order books?
Not sure how half of Col's head sneaked in the picture :-)
Fashion On The Ration is a new book which I came across on Amazon and that reminded me of Stitching For Victory which I had borrowed and read several years ago, and decided to reorder and re-read. There are 5 new crime novels by authors I enjoy. Love and War in the Wrens was on the library shelves and looks good. Erica James writes light fiction and I'm having another go at a Stella Gibbons after my failure last month. No Time for Romance is a biography about her nursing experiences during WWII by Lucilla Andrews who wrote dozens of romantic fiction books.
A Homespun Year sounded interesting although after flicking through it I can see it's not got a lot in it.
The only decision to make is which one to read first.

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