Thursday, 16 July 2015

Handmade treasures

Many moons ago,over at Happening upon Happiness blog were some pictures of lovely homemade things that she has in her house ( sorry to say She but I can't find a name) and a suggestion that we share our favourite handcrafted items from our homes. I began a post and filed it away in drafts and forgot it was there, now I've remembered so here goes with a few pictures from our  home.......

First on the right is a lovely painting our eldest did for Art A level. It's quite big and very beautiful. The pots were from home so it captures a moment from many years ago. She went on to do weird pictures of broken dolls for her final year, we didn't keep any of those! After A levels she did an Art Foundation course at Lowestoft college went on to Winchester School of Art and Design, specialised in textile design and is now a print designer for Phase Eight and because almost everything is now done by computer, I don't think she has done any painting for years which is a shame.

 Then some cross stitch pictures and long stitch tapestries- all my own work - several years ago.

And the only thing I can knit - so far- dishcloths

Not many home made things really as most of my time over the years has gone into edible home made things and they don't hang around for long :-)

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