Friday, 15 May 2015

Things are OK 'cos it's Library book day!

Thank you for so many good wishes for Col after my post yesterday. Today he got an emergency doctors appointment and is now on antibiotics as well. The hospital told him he would probably get an infection after all their painful procedures and sure enough he has, no wonder he was feeling so rough.

I've been doing some more odd jobs outside and then went down to the library van to see what they had for me this month. I'd ordered some more by Rafaella Barker and another Barbara Kingsolver. The new Elly Griffiths was waiting for me too. Plenty to keep my mind off ill health and house moves for a few weeks.

Good news in the post today - Suffolk County Council seem to be giving me a pension after I turned 60 last month. For some reason they couldn't find me so tracked me down through the tax people. I worked in Suffolk libraries for 6 years before I had our eldest and if I'm reading the letter right    (which I might not be as it was in some sort of Double Dutch Pension Jargonese) they will be paying me the grand total of around £25 a month! Oh what fun I shall have with that. But really I'm grateful for anything as I remember taking some of my pension as a lump sum when I packed up proper work in 1980. There seems to be another lump sum to come of a couple of hundred pounds too. And more good news as HMRC are giving me a bit of a refund too for tax paid on interest last year. Every Little helps.

Thanks again for your good wishes
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