Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Monday to Wednesday

Bank Holiday Monday and yet another grey day, yes it was mainly fine but no warmth at all. Disappointing weather for all our visitors on the campsite. At least the toilet floors don't get too grubby when the weather is dry.

Col decided not to bother with the boot sale so I popped up the road just after 7am. Loads of boots there today and I found some cheap wool to get me started. I've printed out a simple patten, well it says it's simple - time will tell. At the moment I've just started cross stitching again after not doing any for months.I also brought home £4 worth of paper-crafting stuff for card making. There are loads of sheets of various peel off labels and a huge bag of coloured backing papers. I got home and Col took one look at what I was carrying and reminded me we are going to be moving sometime. But the paper will go in the storage drawers I got ages ago and the peel-offs will fit into my folder.

Monday evening we were eating dinner and the kitchen TV blew up! BANG and a puff of smoke. It was our old TV, one of the great big box things. It didn't smell good,so how to get it out of the kitchen quickly when he's not allowed to lift anything heavy? The only thing we could think of was to bring a wheelbarrow in and tip the TV into it.  We won't bother to replace it as it will be one less thing to move.
I've been fiddling with my new camera and found the panorama button. Makes the pictures look as if they were taken with a wide angle lens. Is that right? The leaflet that came with the camera is very basic and I downloaded the more detailed instructions that were on a CD onto the laptop. I think I really need to print them out and read through several dozen times.( the problem is that there seems to be 200 pages!)

Tuesday and the weather was still mostly grey and not very warm. A bit of baking, some housework then French Open Tennis on TV. I've been very tired every afternoon recently, probably due to the blasted pheasant who keeps squawking every 10 minutes from first light - and that's about 3.45am!

Wednesday and at last we have a bit of warmth , lots of weeding done, especially the beetroot bed that had been under fleece for a bit too long. It was difficult to find the beetroot amongst the weeds.
Most of the campsite visitors have left today although there are 2 motor-homes due in this evening. I hope one of the families going are the ones who have been putting all  the rubbish in the wrong bins all week. I even found an almost full 4 pint bottle of milk in the general rubbish bag. How hard would it have been to have emptied it out, rinsed it under the tap and put it in the plastic bottles bin? Ho Hum....... the joys of other peoples rubbish.
Our youngest has been sorting out all the stuff that was dumped in the shed from their old house, she is loading everything onto a trailer ready to shift it into her new flat at the weekend.

What do you do when you have a mental block about what to have for dinner? My solution is omelets and tonight they will be served with asparagus. There will be one more cutting and then that will be it until next year - will we still be here, that is the question.

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