Friday, 8 May 2015

Some crazy busy days

 We seem to have been a bit busy over the last few days, the week went like this............

Saturday = To the car boot sale. Up at 6am away by 6.45. Home at 1pm. Tidy up. Egg collecting and sorting, campsite toilet cleaning, bin emptying. 3 New arrivals on campsite to welcome. Dinner and collapse in front of snooker on TV

Sunday = Clearing up and sorting out more stuff to sell, catching up on washing, housework etc. Eggs and campsite as above. Collapse in front of snooker on TV. Heard a Cuckoo - for the first and possibly only time this year.

Monday = To the car boot sale. Up at 6am away by 6.45. Home at 1.15. Eggs and campsite as above. Unload car, sort things out, bag up charity shop stuff. Dinner, tidying up and collapse in front of snooker on TV. Eyes closing, too tired to stay up, go to bed before the last 4 frames so after 2 weeks watching, miss the end!

Tuesday = Out before 9am  helping our youngest clear out the rest of their belongings from her house and clean it ready to hand back the keys to the agent ( she has split with her partner of 9 years and is moving in with us for a while, we now have a shed full of  their furniture and both their belongings.)Three trips back and forwards with car loads, piling into shed, back again to hoover and clean. Eggs and campsite as above + two lots of new arrivals to welcome. Work out where to put one goldfish in tank while our youngest is with us. Shift some furniture round to accommodate a third person permanently in the living room. Empty conservatory of plants into poly tunnel to make room for shifted chairs.
Dinner, collapse in heap

Wednesday =  Do heap of ironing.Travel around the east of Suffolk to collect chicken feed, do the monthly shop, get diesel. Extra shopping due to having extra person. Home by 12.15. Unpack giant heap of shopping, sort out and put away. Eggs and Campsite as above. Col planted out 8 Aubergines. 11 pepper plants and the some of the 50 ish tomato plants. Prepare and eat dinner, collapse in front of TV to watch George Gently ( Martin Shaw - better with age!)

Thursday = Colin away before 8am to work for his Leiston customer. I'm outside by 8.15 shifting barrow loads of compost into poly-tunnel. Plant remaining 4 Cucumbers into large pots. Dig out and put flower pots between 2 rows of tomatoes for ease of watering. Plant out a few Basil and marigolds with tomatoes. Start pulling groundsel  from where it has invaded the old daffodil bed. Eggs and campsite as above. Two new arrivals on campsite to book in and welcome. Bike down to the village to cast my vote ( Poll Clerk and Presiding Officer were a right pair of miseries! I'm sure I was much friendlier when I used to do the job).
Col digging in compost. Unpack car of work stuff and rubbish from this morning .

I just need to say something here " I'M FED UP WITH OTHER PEOPLES RUBBISH! We have campsite rubbish, our daughters rubbish and anyone else who wants to get rid of stuff brings it here for us to burn/deal with.And now Col is bringing it back with him from Leiston. Why?

Wait for sun to go round and down a bit then planting more tomatoes and put more pots in between. Col delivered bird seed, collected yesterday, to our neighbour. Wash some flower pots, Dinner, collapse with a book - nothing on TV.

Friday = Up early in eager anticipation of election results! No not really ... just up early because the sun was shining. As for the election results ... well, I don't do politics or religion on this blog preferring to keep to our quiet life and keep my thoughts to myself.
So I started the day by using up a few more pounds of fruit from the freezer to make a batch of red gooseberry jam. After the big shop for an extra person in the house the freezer was so full I couldn't do a bread bake until space was made. Surprisingly we still have apples, plums, pears and a few cherries in the freezer.
Col was out early too, delivering a huge bundle of rhubarb to one neighbour and emptying the big trailer of boot sale stuff that has sat on it in the workshop since Monday. Then he went over to our other neighbour to work for a couple of hours and I washed some floors and did a small heap of ironing before heading outside to start weeding.
Eggs and Campsite as above.

This afternoon I might just collapse with a book again!

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