Monday, 18 May 2015


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Col is on the mend, the antibiotics soon started to clear the infection and now he must take things easy for a few weeks so the operation site can really heal and not cause the nasty painful problems again.The only downside is the  antibiotics are making him feel very dopey and light headed, he went to get his blood pressure checked just to make sure the tablets were not having a bad effect mixed with his heart tablets but all is OK, he'll just have to put up with it until the course is finished. He is beginning to get bossy and grumpy because of not being able to do anything and  arguments have started already!

The weekend went by quickly, Col has been resting with occasional wandering outside and a bit of dish washing . On Saturday I drove to Woodbridge to find some flat shoes to change into on the evening of our eldests wedding. I just feel so uncomfortable in heels that I'll need to take them off as soon as possible.I found some flat sandals with pink straps to go with my dress and I can use them as indoor shoes here later.
 There is now a branch of The Grape Tree in Woodbridge that I didn't know about which is handy as it's so much closer than Ipswich. I didn't bother with most of the charity shops but got a bargain in the Oxfam shop of 5 tubs of Divine Drinking chocolate at half price because they were a few days out of date. I find most brands of drinking choc too sweet but Divine is luscious.

Sunday was car-boot day again. Loads of boots there even when I arrived early. I went up and down the rows looking for a posh cake cutting knife as requested by our eldest for the wedding photos and found one with a fancy silver handle for £10. Hope it's OK, she's getting a bit fussy with things for this wedding - a much more complicated affair than our registry office/reception in our Scout hall/honeymoon in a tent on the Isle of Wight event in 1979! There wasn't anything else I wanted but then I spotted a lampshade for 50p which suited the bedroom better than the one we had. Seems funny to add these finishing touches to the house just to sell it but I think that's what's expected by potential buyers nowadays.
Gardening is going along slowly with Col out of action although Brussels sprout plants arrived and have been planted out. Because in the past we had so many failures with plants grown from seed here, I now order young plants every year. The gooseberries are still being checked most days and I found some large sawfly caterpillars/larvae that must have been missed earlier in the week.
 Sunday afternoon I was quite glad to put my feet up and start a library book.

This morning we had awful weather - wet and windy. Most of the jobs I needed to get done were outside but I stayed in and made 3 loaves of bread, a few scones, a veggie curry for dinner, washed some flower pots and did a bit of ironing. Col spent a little while in the poly-tunnel taking the side shoots off the tomatoes but he was soon feeling tired and aching again. Thank goodness it stopped raining early afternoon and I was able to get the chicken shed in the garden cleaned out so we can bring a few of the others down from the big shed before we get rid of about a dozen. I need more dry weather to get the campsite cut again before we get busy for Bank Holiday weekend.

I nipped out to take  a few pictures of the shades of pink we have at the moment just to cheer up this wordy post.
Pale pink is the blossom on the Quince
Dark Pink is the candles on the Horse Chestnut
and both pale and dark are the flowers on the perennial geranium.  Our wonderful birdbath was left behind by the previous owners, we found it hidden amongst the long grass and weeds. It's got one corner of the base chipped off so you have to look at it from the right side. The large sink that we now use as a pond was also here when we came,it was half buried in the ground. I would like to take both with us when we move, Col says the sink is far too heavy to shift but I will take the birdbath.

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